Trump refused to call Russia a threat to security

The President of the United States Donald trump refused right to call Russia a threat to security, responding to a reporter’s question at a joint briefing with President of Finland Sauli Niinistö after the meeting in Washington on August 28, reports The Hill.

Trump has stated that he considers threats to many countries.

A Finnish reporter asked, does the President of the US, Russia is a threat to world security. Trump said that he believes «many of the country’s security risk, unfortunately, if you look at what is happening in the world today.»

He also added that it would be good if the US and Russia had good relations, to ensure «world peace».

Trump said that he hoped that Washington and Moscow still a good relationship. According to him, he says it «loud and clear» for many years.

3 Aug trump said that US relations with Russia after the sanctions against Russia by the U.S. Congress are in the «dangerously low point».

Relations between Washington and Moscow deteriorated in 2014 after the annexation of Crimea by Russia and the outbreak of hostilities in the East of Ukraine. Against Russia in several steps was sanctioned.

During the election campaign and after the election of President trump has announced its intention to improve relations with Russia. In January 2017 he wrote on Twitter, that to have good relations with Russia is a good thing, not bad. In his opinion, only stupid people or fools may think otherwise.

2 Aug trump has approved the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. Before that bill was supported by the two houses of Congress: July 25 – the House of representatives (voted 419 congressmen opposed and three abstentions – 12), July 27 – the Senate («for» were 98 senators, against – two).

Immediately after signing the act the President said that he did it in favor of national unity. According to him, the legislative act has serious flaws because it, according to trump, encroaches on the Executive powers and harm the interests of European allies and American companies.

The document reduces the maximum term of market financing of Russian banks under sanctions, up to 14 days, and for the oil and gas sector – up to 30 days. Also, the President of the United States may apply sanctions to persons who intend to invest in the construction of Russian export pipelines over $5 million a year or $1 million lump sum. The law obliges the President of the United States subject to confirmation by Congress of any mitigation or cancellation of sanctions.

Commenting on the new law on sanctions, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that «the hope to improve relations with the new American administration – in the end.»

Trump refused to call Russia a threat to security 29.08.2017

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