Trump his decrees to tighten control over migrants and launched the reorganization of the army

The US President Donald trump on Friday, January 27, signed two decrees, one of which tightens controls against migrants, and the second gives the start of a large-scale reorganization of the us armed forces, reports Reuters.

According to trump, in respect of staying in the United States migrants new measures are needed to ensure that the country did not penetrate the radical Islamists. «We don’t need them», — said the head of state.

According to a White house statement, the President signed a decree implies the suspension of program placement of refugees in the United States on 120 days. In addition, the document introduces a limit on the maximum number of refugees that States are willing to accept no more than 50 thousand during the 2017 financial year.

Note that two days earlier, the President signed two Executive orders aimed at tightening immigration policy and border control: the construction of the wall on the border of USA and Mexico, as well as a decree on «strengthening public security» inside the United States, who raised concerns about the implementation of the national legislation regulating immigration.

As for the army, it, according to Republicans, expect «new aircraft, new ships, new resources and tools.» «This is the restructuring of the Armed forces of the United States. Big deal!» said trump after the ceremony of inauguration of the new head of the Pentagon James Mattis.

Earlier, trump also said that he intends to adhere to strategy that the Pentagon will no longer pre-announce publicly: «When it comes to the armed forces, I don’t want to discuss anything. I want preceded by the words».

The new US President has repeatedly criticized the previous administration, which voiced its plan before beginning operations. In particular, Washington last year announced plans for the release of the terrorists of the Iraqi city of Mosul.

At the same time, the leader of the democratic minority in the Senate of the United States Congress Charles Schumer condemned the decision of the President of trump stop accepting U.S. refugees and the entry of a number of countries, including Syria. Other members of the party said that the decree does not protect America from ISIS, and gives the terrorists a second chance, and they will use the position of the trump in its advocacy work.

«Tears are flowing tonight on the cheeks of the statue of Liberty, which embodies the American tradition of a meeting of immigrants, existing since the founders set foot on this land,» Schumer wrote in his Twitter. Is one of the most repelling us back and the opposing decrees, which was signed by the President.»

Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, an ardent opponent of the trump Elizabeth Warren, stated that «restrictions on the entry of immigrants from Muslim countries and the suspension of acceptance of refugees is a betrayal of American values.»

«To turn its back on refugees because of their religion… (it) creates fertile ground for recruitment (of new members) of the IG and other terrorist groups,» she said.

Democrat Senator from Connecticut Chris Murphy also indicated that such a policy «gives IG the path of revival» and putting Americans at even greater risk.

«They can and will exploit announced today (limitations) as evidence that America is at war with Muslims, especially those who found themselves in appalling conditions», — said the Senator.

Trump his decrees to tighten control over migrants and launched the reorganization of the army 28.01.2017

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