Trump has signed a decree on the construction of a wall along the border with Mexico. And returned to a network of «secret prisons» of the CIA

The US President Donald trump has signed the decree about the protection of state borders and immigration, the Associated Press reports.

Trump was allowed to resume worldwide the work of «secret prisons» of the CIA

Thus a press-the Secretary of the White house , Sons Spicer announced that the President will put his signature under the two decrees.

«One of the decrees implies a tightening of immigration policy of the country.

The second is the construction of a «major physical barrier» on the border with Mexico,» — said in the message.

Before that, trump has repeatedly voiced a tough stance against illegal immigrants, primarily from Mexico.

Trump during his campaign has consistently advocated the erection of a high fence on the border with Mexico, which, in his opinion, will stop the flow of illegal immigrants on American soil. The billionaire stressed that, becoming the head of the White house, forced to pay for the construction of the wall the Mexican government. He also wanted to deport from the USA to three million illegal immigrants and tougher penalties for violators of immigration laws.

The signing of the decree precedes the beginning of negotiations about new developments in relations between Mexico and the USA: Wednesday in Washington arrive the Minister for foreign Affairs of Mexico Luis Videgaray and Minister of economy Ildefonso, Guajardo.

Trump was allowed to resume worldwide the work of «secret prisons» of the CIA

The new US President signed a presidential decree that will allow the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) to resume the so-called secret prisons around the world, closed for more than seven years ago on the orders of Barack Obama on the background of the scandals of torture in these institutions , reports

Earlier it was noted that the draft presidential decree is called the «the Detention and interrogation of enemy» and needs to cancel the decision from 2009, the then US President about the completion of the appropriate program.

At the same time a document developed by the White house, restore the decree of another former US President, George Bush, who in 2007 changed existing version of a program called «Extradition and interrogation» and renewed its action.

The document also refers to the fact that the U.S. «refrained from exercising some of the powers are very important for his defence» in the war against terrorism, including the «cessation of all secret interrogations the Central intelligence Agency».

The document contains instructions to the Pentagon to resume the use of the Guantanamo Bay prison for captured militants, including members of the «Islamic state».

Under the «secret prisons» means a system of secret CIA bases located outside the United States, which contained the suspects in the preparation and Commission of terrorist acts and terrorist organizations.

«Secret prisons» became popular after the attack on the twin towers in new York on 11 September 2001.

Years later, Bush not only actually acknowledged the existence of «secret prisons», but defended them. «The most important source of information about the hiding places and plans of terrorists are the terrorists themselves. Therefore, several inmates were placed in a place where they could be kept in secrecy and answer the questions of experts», — said he. Bush acknowledged that the treatment of detainees was «tough», but categorically rejected the term «torture.»

Human rights organizations have repeatedly claimed that «black holes» (black sites), as it is called in the US «secret prisons» the CIA are in Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Thailand, Finland, Poland, Romania, Germany, Belgium, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Australia and many other countries, particularly in Muslim majority.

From among the countries — former republics of the Soviet Union was only the information about black sites in Lithuania and Uzbekistan.

Obama shortly after his inauguration in the spring of 2009 has forbidden the CIA to use prison located in classified areas, and the management, in turn, has itself proposed the abolition of the existing zones.

Trump has signed a decree on the construction of a wall along the border with Mexico. And returned to a network of «secret prisons» of the CIA 26.01.2017

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