Trump has garnered 1 million votes less than Clinton. Giuliani will take the post Kerry

In the presidential election in the US, the losing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton received a million more votes than the President-elect , Donald trump, writes

Trump is gaining in the Cabinet: Secretary of state tipped the ex-mayor of new York

Specialist American independent analytical edition of the Cook Political Report ‘s Dave Wasserman, analyzing the final results of the vote, coming a week after the elections, said that as of early evening last Tuesday, Clinton scored 61 963 234 voices, and the tramp — 961 60 185 votes.

In the States of Washington, California and Utah count votes is not yet over. Meanwhile, if you count the electoral votes, trump won by a considerable margin, scoring 290 out of 270 required votes, while Clinton only 232 votes.

U.S. presidential elections are not direct: voters vote for electors who would then vote for one of the candidates. In 48 States the winner gets all the electoral votes in Maine and Nebraska each elector vote separately. To win a candidate must gain a majority of electoral votes. Their number in each state equals the number of members of the house of representatives and senators, plus three representatives from the district of Columbia.

The situation, when the US President becomes the person who received fewer votes, was observed so far four times, including in 2000, when the President chose the Republican George Bush Jr., who scored 47.9 percent of the votes, while his rival, Democrat al Gore gained 48.4 per cent.

Clinton conceded defeat, but accused him Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation James Komi, which is 11 days before the vote, announced the resumption of the investigation in connection with the use of a personal mail server in the years of his tenure as Secretary of state.

Trump is gaining in the Cabinet: Secretary of state tipped the ex-mayor of new York

The day before trump and elected Vice-President Mike Pence discussed the key appointments in the new government. According to information received from team members trump, as the new Secretary of state of the country can get former new York mayor Rudy Giuliani.

As noted, the 72-year-old Giuliani has no foreign policy experience, but he was a loyal supporter of trump in the long struggle for presidential powers and has often appeared in the news shows, defending the candidacy of trump.

Giuliani gained fame over 10 years ago, for many Americans he became a symbol of the determination of the US in the fight against Islamist terrorism after the 2001 attacks in new York and Washington that killed nearly 3,000 people. After the attacks he promised to restore new York city: «We will rebuild it and become stronger than before… I want the people of new York were an example for the whole country and the world by demonstrating that terrorism can’t stop us».

In addition, a serious chance to take the seat John Kerry have John Bolton, who has worked for a long time with Bush.

After trump and the Penny will officially take office in January, they will need to fill more than 4,000 jobs in the US government. Their focus is mostly on the nominations of Secretary of state and Ministers of defence, justice and internal security, which determine the image of the American government in the world and are key in the US’s fight against terrorism.

The work was complicated on Tuesday, when he suddenly resigned without explanation filed Mike Rogers, former Chairman of the house Committee on intelligence, the most important Advisor to the team trump on personnel issues.

For the first week after the announcement of the election results in the United States recorded a substantial rise in xenophobic attacks, and number of incidents according to non-governmental organization Southern Poverty Law Center was connected with the election campaign trump or his separate statements, and in the state of West Virginia the mayor of the Glue lost his job for calling first lady Michelle Obama «a monkey in high heels.»

During his election campaign, trump repeatedly sharply spoke about the Muslims and Mexicans and try to promote conspiracy theories about the origin of the Kenyan Obama, from which, however, shortly before the elections refused. After reports of his victory in the presidential elections in several major US cities have been protests under the slogan «Not my President!», which, among other things, declare the disagreement with the position of the trump on national, religious and other minorities.

Trump has garnered 1 million votes less than Clinton. Giuliani will take the post Kerry 16.11.2016

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