Trump forbid create joint structure for cyber security without the consent of Congress

The US President Donald trump would have to get congressional approval for the creation of joint structures for cybersecurity. It follows from the bill, which was approved by the intelligence Committee of the U.S. Senate, according to Reuters.

The relevant amendments are contained in the instrument of authorization of intelligence operations, which were approved by the Committee in July. Until recently, information about them kept secret because contained in the document data on «sensitive intelligence operations,» the Agency said.

Under the bill, the President of the United States before the creation of a framework for cybersecurity would have to submit to the Congress a report on what intelligence Washington intends to share with Moscow, as well as about potential problems for U.S. security, when such cooperation.

Voting on these amendments has not yet been determined.

7 July 2017 trump and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin met for the first time, it happened on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg. The US President has said that he discussed with the head of the Kremlin is the creation of a common framework of cybersecurity.

Americans do not trust and will not trust Russia in the issues of cybersecurity, said in July the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley.

In October 2016 the United States government officially accused Russia of hacking into the servers of American political parties, and meddling in the presidential election process in the country. In the Kremlin these charges are called «nonsense».

3 Jun 2017 Putin said that cyber attacks on the US could make American hackers, who then blamed it on Russia.

Trump forbid create joint structure for cyber security without the consent of Congress 23.08.2017

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