Trump doubts that he will have to testify spectacular Muller in the case of RF interference in the elections

American President Donald trump has doubts that he will have to testify to special Prosecutor Robert Mueller as part of an investigation of a possible Russian intervention in the U.S. presidential election. The head of the White house said on 10 January in Washington, during a joint press conference with Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg. The performance was broadcasted by CNBC.

«There was no collusion between the campaign and the Russians trump, or trump and Russian. When there is no conspiracy, and nobody is talking about the conspiracy at any level, it looks like it is unlikely that we actually will have a conversation (with spectaculorum. – «GORDON»), «–said the American leader.

According to trump, rumors of a plot to spread the «hawks» of the Democratic party who want to justify the defeat of their candidate, Hillary Clinton.

«Let’s see how the situation will develop», – he added.

January 8, CNBC reported that a team of lawyers trump does not exclude the possibility of his interrogation by Muller. Also, according to the channel, discusses a compromise that will avoid this. Discussions at the White house on this issue allegedly began in late October of 2017, after the office of spectracolor brought charges of conspiracy against the United States former head of the election campaign trump manufactu the Floor.

In October 2016 the United States government officially accused Russia of hacking into the servers of American political parties, and meddling in the presidential election process in the country. In the Kremlin these charges are called «nonsense».

On 8 November Republican trump was elected President of the United States.

On 10 December, the CIA concluded that Russia interfered in the presidential elections in order to help Trump win. In the published us intelligence report said that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered to start a campaign for intervention in U.S. elections.

17 may 2017 to investigate possible links between the Russian government and the headquarters of the trump the U.S. Department of justice entrusted to Mueller.

Trump has called the accusations in the address of the headquarters of the biggest «witch hunt» in American history. He criticized Muller for access to the thousands of emails that were sent and received by the people around the White house before the inauguration in the presidential administration. Spectracolor stated that letters were received legally.

Trump doubts that he will have to testify spectacular Muller in the case of RF interference in the elections 11.01.2018

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