Trump can pardon Manafort and Flynn media

Former lead counsel for the President of the United States Donald trump John Dowd put forward the idea that the head of the White house to pardon the former adviser to Michael Flynn and former head of his election headquarters Paul Manafort. This March 28 announced the publication of the New York Times.

Three anonymous sources involved in the case, said that Dawood talked about the pardon lawyers Manafort and Flynn.

Both appear in the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller, who is investigating possible connections of trump and his entourage with the Russian Federation.

Dowd declined to elaborate on the information and denied that he had raised this issue.

As the NYT notes, the fact that consultations of lawyers trump’s lawyers his ex-colleagues testifies to the concern of the White house about the fact that Manafort and Flynn can tell you the consequence if they are promised a lighter sentence in exchange for information.

The newspaper does not exclude that it can also qualify as obstruction.

October 30, 2017 of Manafort and his Deputy Rick gates was accused of conspiracy against the United States. They were charged on 12 counts and sent under house arrest. According to the investigation, Manafort and gates generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue as a result of their work in Ukraine. First laundered more than $18 million and the second $3 million

In December, the court allowed Manafort to move to Florida and ordered to wear an electronic bracelet.

If Manafort found guilty on all charges, he faces 305 years in prison.

13 February 2017, 24 days after the appointment, Flynn resigned from the post of Advisor to the President. The reason for his departure in the White house called a «loss of confidence» from the President.

30 Nov Mueller filed against Flynn is charged with two counts of disinformation the FBI regarding the contacts with the Russian Ambassador in the United States Sergei Kislyak.

1 Dec Flynn pleaded guilty and announced he was going to the plea deal. Former adviser claims that came in contact with Kislyak at the direction of the headquarters of the trump.

Trump can pardon Manafort and Flynn media 29.03.2018

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