Trump called to cancel the visa lottery Green Card

The US President Donald trump called for an end to diversity visa lottery known as green card (Green Card). He said this on 15 December during a speech to the graduates of the Academy of the Federal Bureau of investigation, reports «Voice of America».

«We call on Congress to end chain migration in the United States and the DV lottery and replace it with a system of immigration that would grant preferences to persons with necessary for the United States skills and qualifications,» said trump.

He made this statement because of the recent terrorist attacks in new York.

The executor of the explosion in Manhattan, new York Okayed Ullah – winner «green card». He arrived from Bangladesh in the United States in 2011.

Saifullah Saipov, a suspect in the killing of eight people on the streets of new York in October, arrived in the U.S. in 2010 from Uzbekistan, having received permission for permanent residence in the United States according to the results of diversity visa lottery.

«Imagine there is a lottery to be in the United States. People choose the lottery results. I think, from other countries we get the best? No! What is this system? People come, winning the lottery. We get the worst, who is in these countries – they are in the Lotto and from there stretched the worst of all,» added trump.

On the morning of December 11 in new York due to reports of explosion, «of unknown origin» conducted the evacuation of three subway lines – A, C and E. According to militiamen, explosion was a «deliberate action». The police said that a homemade bomb went off either prematurely or partially. There are four known victims including injured myself a 27-year-old attacker Okayed Ullah. The mayor of new York said the explosion in Manhattan terrorist attack.

On 31 October the van, at the wheel which there was a native of Uzbekistan, Saipov Saifulla, crashed into the cyclists and pedestrians in Manhattan. Eight people died and 12 were injured. In particular, the victims were five citizens of Argentina and the Belgian.

Trump called to cancel the visa lottery Green Card 16.12.2017

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