Trump called the decision the «so called judges» overturned his immigration decree, ridiculous

The US President Donald trump called the decision ridiculous «so called judge» on the prohibition of the execution of the decree, which restrict the entry of citizens of seven Muslim countries in the United States. The President promised to cancel the decision, without specifying how to do it.

In London thousands of people rally against a visit by trump in the UK

Sharp review trump has published in his Twitter: «the Resolution of this so-called judge, which deprives our country (possibility) to use his right is ludicrous and it will be cancelled!»

Also, the U.S. leader added: «When the country no longer can say who can and who cannot enter and leave it, especially for reasons connected with protection and security is a big problem!».

Trump pointed out that «certain middle Eastern country» supported his decree, as I understand the situation in the security sphere, reports «Interfax».

The decision on suspension of the decree issued by Federal judge James Robert from Seattle. It operates on the entire territory of the country. On Saturday, February 4, airlines around the world began to admit to planting the citizens of the countries from the black list trump with valid us visas. It is not clear how long this window, as the White house intends to urgently appeal against the decision.

The decree of the President of the United States «On the protection of the country from the entry of foreign terrorists» were signed on 27 January and was the most resonant solution for the first days of the new administration. Document suspends the reception of refugees from Syria — for an indefinite period of 120 days. Also 90 days is prohibited entry to citizens of countries of «particular concern». The seven countries with predominantly Muslim populations: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

The decree trump caused a storm of protests in the U.S. and worldwide, its execution is hampered by injunctions. Members of the U.S. Senate from the Democratic party intend to introduce a bill that will overturn the decree. The attorneys General of 15 U.S. States called the decision of trump’s «illegal».

In London thousands of people rally against a visit by trump in the UK

In London, the protest of thousands against the decree of the President of the United States Donald trump on the prohibition of entry to the United States to citizens of seven countries, as well as against his visit to Britain.

About it reports The Telegraph.

«Thousands of protesters took to the streets to call on Theresa may to stop «collusion» with Donald trump,» — the newspaper notes.

It is reported that the demonstrators call on Prime Minister of Britain to refuse to Trump a state visit to Britain.

The marchers, organized by the «Stop the War Coalition», «Stand Up to Racism» and «Muslim Association of Britain», and others, walked from the U.S. Embassy in Central London in the direction of Downing street.

It is reported that the protesters waved placards, saying «Muslims are not «scapegoats», «No to war, no to Trump,» and chanted «Theresa may, shame on you.»

Earlier it was reported that the British government cancels state visit to U.S. President Donald trump, because such a step «negate» all the arrangements made by the British Prime Minister Theresa may during her visit to the United States.

We will remind, deputies of the Parliament of great Britain on 20 February will hold the debate as to whether to grant a permit for a state visit to the country US President Donald Trump.

Trump called the decision the «so called judges» overturned his immigration decree, ridiculous 04.02.2017

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