Trump called his plans for the first 100 days of presidency

The newly elected President of the United States Donald trump has announced plans for the first 100 days of presidency.

In his video, trump spoke about the reforms that are almost completely repeat the main points of his election program and relate to trade agreements, energy, migration, national security and public administration, AFP reports.

In particular, according to trump, the first day he plans to announce the intention to withdraw from the agreement on the TRANS-Pacific partnership, which is, according to trump, «a potential disaster for the United States».

«Instead, we will negotiate a fair bilateral trade agreements that will bring jobs and industry back to America,» he said.

As is known, the agreement on the TPP was signed in February 2016 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Japan, Mexico, Chile and Peru), its goal is the reduction of tariff barriers and regulation of the internal rules in areas such as employment law, environmental, intellectual, etc. According to experts and politicians, without participation of the United States TTP will lose meaning.

U.S. trade representative Michael Froman recently stated that the rejection of the TPP will lead to «serious» strategic and economic costs.

Regarding reforms in the energy sector, trump said that he intends to repeal restrictions on the production of hydrocarbons, «including oil shale and clean coal, which will create many millions of high-paying jobs. This is what we want, what we’ve been waiting for.»

«I will ask the Ministry of defense and the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to develop a comprehensive plan for the protection of the vital infrastructure of America from cyber attacks, and any other forms of attacks,» added trump, speaking about the reform in the security sector.

Also the newly elected President of the United States intends to instruct the Ministry of labour to investigate all violations of the visa programs that undermine the (position) of American workers.

In addition, trump is planning «to introduce the officials after they leave the administration, a 5-year ban on lobbying in the United States, and a lifetime ban on lobbying on behalf of foreign governments.» This reform trump called part of a plan to «Drain the Swamp» (Draining the swamp).

We will remind that after a victory on elections of the President of the United States Republican Donald trump, who repeatedly promised to seek reconciliation with Russia, has questioned the future of the American and European anti-Russian sanctions, imposed by Brussels and Washington in 2014.

European leaders expect from Obama, who trump, clarification on the future of sanctions. «We are in an extremely critical situation — Reuters said the German official. — You need to prevent the situation when EU will continue sanctions, and the new US President will come and take them».

After meeting with trump, Obama tried to reassure the allies, a statement that the President-elect will maintain relations with the world, including with NATO countries, but European officials are afraid that Russia is using the time before the inauguration of the trump for new offensives in Syria and Ukraine.

Trump called his plans for the first 100 days of presidency 22.11.2016

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