Trump after the inauguration will live in the White house without his wife.

Newly-made wife of the U.S. President and future first lady Melania trump after joining her husband in the position and his move to the White house will continue to live in new York city along with 10-year-old son Barron, reports with reference to The New York Post.

This situation will persist at least as long as the boy will not graduate from a prestigious private school, where he learns, according to sources of publication, surrounded by trump. According to them, if necessary, trump’s wife will come to her husband in Washington, but most of the time she and son will live in a penthouse in the Trump Tower skyscraper in Manhattan.

Experts say that because of this decision, the skyscraper will be taken under heavy guard.

«This building will become a White house in new York,» said the former commander of a special unit Delta Force, Department of defense Jim Reese.

Sources The New York Post also reported that trump’s son Barron «suffered heavy election campaign», so his mother wants to keep parting with him to a minimum.

«She devotes herself to son,» said the source.

Earlier, Melania trump promised, becoming the first lady of America, to actively engage in social activities, namely the fight against online bullying.

All of trump’s five children from three marriages — Donald, Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, born in 1993, and Barron, born in 2006. the Older children actively participated in election campaign of the businessman.

After winning the trump in the election on 8 November, the CBS reported that the billionaire allegedly sought to have his children admitted to a top-secret government information. The team trump denied this information.

Daughter elected President Ivanka trump said that she was not going to work in the administration of his father, although she was concerned about the problems associated with the rights of women that she will raise. Other children of billionaire 39-year-old Donald trump Jr. and 32-year-old Eric trump also stated that it will continue to do business, including family assets.

Before the election trump head of state, the media joked that the billionaire will not be easy to move in traditional abode of American presidents — the White house, whose interior seems austere in comparison with the luxurious interior of many residences of the Mogul.

Some publications have mocked at the thrust of trump’s gold, edited by publishing illustrations and drawings of the White house, whose facade is richly decorated with gilding.

Not less jokes caused and how trump will change to «lean» presidential «air force one» with his publicized Boeing-757, which, according to him, cost $ 100 million. This plane tycoon previously cruised among his numerous residences, and in the midst of the election campaign is actively moved across the country, informs «the Russian newspaper».

Will you use this plane for flights of the wife trump to Washington to her husband after his assumption of office, is still unknown. Note that during the election campaign, trump criticized the current President Barack Obama for using the state plane for travel to meetings in support of the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

«Who pays for air force one?» asked then billionaire.

After his election trump has refused from the presidential salary.

Trump after the inauguration will live in the White house without his wife. 21.11.2016

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