Transparency International has urged the Ukrainian authorities to suspend from office Korczak

International anti-corruption organization Transparency International called on the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to suspend from duties during investigations of abuses of official position the head of the National Agency for corruption prevention (NACP) Natalia Korchak. This is stated on the website of «Transparency International Ukraine».

As noted in the press release, stay Korczak in the position gives her the opportunity to influence the NACP staff, witnesses and the inquiry procedure as a whole. The decision on its dismissal fully complies with international standards, said human rights activists.

«We urge you not to repeat the mistake of August 2016, when due to incompetence and dependency management NACP was almost ripped off the procedure of obtaining visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU. It was then that the unprofessional work of the head of the NACP disrupted the launch of electronic Declaration system, but the results of the official investigation by the Cabinet of Ministers was kept secret from the public and any personnel decisions was not accepted», – said the Executive Director of «Transparency International Ukraine» Yaroslav Yurchyshyn.

The organization believes that full responsibility for the stay Korchak as the head of the NACP during the investigation falls on the leadership of the government.

On 14 November, the head of the Department of financial control and monitoring of the lifestyle of officials in NACP Anna Solomatina said the Agency falsificare the results of inspections of electronic declarations. According Solomatina, she and her two colleagues have proposed that the solution of NACP were first investigated by the presidential Administration.

«The system of electronic Declaration, which the Ukrainians have spent so much money, which has been supportive of the Europeans, today is completely compromised… In fact, the electronic Declaration is used to cover loyal to the government officials, the massacre of undesirables and in order to enrich the head and members of the NACP. The results of the audits are falsified» – said Solomatin.

The National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine began pre-judicial investigation into the possible Commission by officials of NACP actions to obtaining illegal benefit in especially large sizes.

The Cabinet of Ministers established the National Agency for prevention of corruption in March 2015. The launch of NACP was one of the conditions for granting Ukraine a visa-free regime with the EU. The Agency is inter alia engaged in the analysis of electronic declarations of income of civil servants.

Transparency International has urged the Ukrainian authorities to suspend from office Korczak 14.11.2017

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