Transparency International has urged Poroshenko to withdraw the draft law on anti-corruption court

The Ukrainian office of Transparency International (TI) has recommended that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to withdraw the bill on the anti-corruption court. About it reports a press-service of the organization.

TI came to the conclusion that certain provisions of bill No. 7440 do not meet the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

In particular, part 5 of article 8 of the draft law provides for the Advisory role of the Public Council of international experts, which allows the High qualifications Commission of judges of Ukraine to circumvent her negative opinion on the candidate for the position of judge. This requires 11 of the 16 votes of members vkks. The Venice Commission recommended that international organizations and donors a decisive role in the selection of judges.

In addition, subject-matter jurisdiction of the Higher anti-corruption court does not include all crimes, the accused NABOO. At the same time, she expanded to a range of crimes, defendants in the National police and Bureau of investigation.

In the opinion of the Venice Commission clearly stated that the jurisdiction of the court should answer the investigative jurisdiction of the NEB, and SAP. It can load Higher anti-corruption court with too many cases.

IT concluded that the law requires unrealistically high requirements for candidates for the position of judge of the Supreme court anti-corruption, which significantly narrows the number of potential candidates for positions of judges of the Supreme court anti-corruption.

In the organization I doubt that the presidential bill will allow for independent and impartial selection of judges and to ensure the proper functioning of the future court. IT recommends Poroshenko to withdraw the paper and submit to Parliament a modified version taking into account the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

December 26, the text of the presidential draft law No. 7440 on the establishment of anticorruption court made public on the website of the Verkhovna Rada.

The main provisions of the presidential variant of the law on the WAX and the prehistory of the appearance of the document read in the publication «GORDON» «In the footsteps of Kenya, Uganda and Malaysia. What is known about the contents of the President’s bill on anti-corruption court.»

Transparency International has urged Poroshenko to withdraw the draft law on anti-corruption court 27.12.2017

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