Transparency International gave Ukraine a prescription against offshore

The new system of electronic Declaration will be able to create prerequisites for the detection of illicitly acquired assets and to significantly discipline the power in Ukraine. This is stated in the comment «Transparency International Ukraine», which transferred to UKRINFORM.

Offshore scandal hit more on Ukraine than on Russia — The Economist

«Our organization has high hopes for a new system of electronic Declaration. When it is effectively working, offshore scandals as such will disappear from the agenda of media representatives. After all, for concealing information about the income of officials will carry severe punishment. And similar «finds» in offshore, not declared, will be the basis for opening of criminal proceedings against officials,» said Executive Director of Transparency International Ukraine Oleksiy Khmara.

According to him, amendments to the Law of Ukraine «On combating corruption», which trigger the system of electronic Declaration, provide for an extremely broad list of information that must be submitted in the Declaration and substantially reduces opportunities for concealment of property.

Hmara noted that the reproaches of the President of Petro Poroshenko about offshore companies demonstrated: in the society formed the atmosphere of total distrust to the authorities, especially in terms of suspicion of possible corruption.

As reported, on March 18, entered into force amendments to the Law of Ukraine «On combating corruption», which give the ability to start the system of electronic Declaration.

According to the Law, declare their property status required the President, the Prime Minister, other senior officials, deputies of all levels, civil servants, law enforcers, judges, including specified information about their family members and individuals with whom declarants are in the so-called «actual family relationship».

The Declaration will be submitted online through a special portal. After filing, the Declaration will be available for public viewing on the Internet.

The Declaration will be submitted by persons working at a position that is released from office, and persons who are planning to enter into a new position.

Also provides for liability for deliberate submission of false information in declarations. Responsibility is envisaged as administrative (in the event of a dispute over $ 137 thousand hryvnias), and criminal (in the event of a dispute over $ 344 thousand). To administrative responsibility will be to attract National Agency for prevention of corruption and to the criminal National anti-corruption Bureau, the State Bureau of investigation and divisions of the National police of Ukraine.

As you know, «Transparency International Ukraine» is a representative Office of the global anticorruption nongovernmental organization Transparency International which has more than 90 national offices and operates in more than 100 countries. The mission of TI Ukraine is to limit the increase of corruption level in Ukraine by promoting transparency, accountability and integrity of public authorities and civil society.

Offshore scandal hit more on Ukraine than on Russia — The Economist

The scandal around «the Panama document» hurt Ukraine more than Russia. It happened in a period of political crisis in Kiev and on the eve of the referendum in the Netherlands on the Association. This is stated in the article from The Ecomonist English, Ukrainian Pravda wrote.

It is noted that the Kremlin warned about the attack, and when the documents were published, Putin said that he expected more.

The offshore scandal has not caused a wave of outrage among Russians. To picket against Putin were only a few activists who were quickly detained.

The publication notes that the opinion of Russians forms a largely Russian TV. And it paid attention to «the Panama document» quite a bit, calling the scandal informaing against Putin, the curators of which sit in the United States.

The Russians, although they acknowledge that in a country rife with corruption, but resigned to it. While «the Panama document» hurt more to Ukrainian President Poroshenko, the newspaper writes.

Offshore scandal happened exactly in a period of political crisis in Kiev when the dissolution of the Parliament looks a distinct possibility. In addition, it happened right on the eve of voting in the Netherlands on the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. The referendum results have been disappointing for Ukrainians.

«Compared to the government and Parliament, the institution of the President he had certain confidence,» said the people’s Deputy Svetlana Zalishchuk.

Now, according to her, the war of all against all a phrase.

As you know, Poroshenko was among two dozen Ukrainians, information about secret firms which owned Panama firm Mossack Fonseca. According to documents, already being the President Poroshenko founded an offshore company in the British virgin Islands. The President has rejected the accusations.

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