Transcarpathian ice jam decided not to blow up, and to clear excavators

In Slovakia began to dismantle ice jam on the river Too, which begins on their territories. He was threatened with a flooding of Uzhgorod and the suburban village of Storozhnytsia. On this day, 6 February, said the Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal on its website.

«Huge ice jam was discovered yesterday based on the General survey of cross-border river in the area of the state border on the Ukrainian and Slovak territories. Congestion has a length of 5.5 km, starts at the site of a gauging station (Slovakia), below the village Pincova and ends in the village of Storozhnytsya in Uzhgorod district (Ukraine). The results of the visit of the chief of the Basin management of water resources of the river Tisza Vladimir Chipak was in Košice region (Slovakia) the Slovak water managers decided to unlock leaplaw in the city Too on its territory with the help of heavy equipment. Blow it proved to be impossible due to the proximity of hydrological post and houses,» — said Moskal.

Now, according to him, the Slovak water release the river from large blocks of excavators, which have a reach of up to 25 meters. Due to this the water level in Already on the Ukrainian territory is within the normal range, the threat of flooding there.

However, according to the Department of SSES in the Transcarpathian region, as a result of melting snow and heavy rain yesterday evening again on the territory of Transcarpathian region there was a partial flooding of 16 domohozjajstv in Irshava and Vynohradiv districts. To eliminate the consequences involved divisions of gschs in the amount of 10 units and 36 rescuers.

Also remain flooded local roads in the area Tishanka-Heivtsi and in the village of Shalanky vinogradivsky district.

To prevent flooding of the section of state highway Kyiv — Chop near the village znyacevo Mukachevo Mukachevo district employees MWWG concluded the defensive line of sandbags with a length of 150 m. To prevent overflow of the right Bank of Borzhava G. dam near the village of Verkhni Remety, Beregovo district police forces MUVKH accomplished accretion of the dam to 0.5 m, signed 1 thousand sandbags.

Earlier, the head of the Transcarpathian regional state administration informed that water Already, in case of rapid rise could flood part of Uzhgorod.

Transcarpathian ice jam decided not to blow up, and to clear excavators 06.02.2017

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