«Tornadovtsa» attacked staff Lukyanovka jail, the Ministry of justice

Illegal action by the untried soldiers of the disbanded company «Tornado» in respect of employees of Lukyanovka jail in Kiev was not. About it to Agency «Interfax-Ukraine» said the Deputy Minister of justice Denis Chernyshov Thursday, January 12.

According to Chernyshova, «tornadovtsev» also has no claims to actions of employees of an insulator.

«In the detention center yesterday, was brought under investigation, in the case of the Tornado, former fighters of the battalion «Tornado». One of the defendants, who did not agree with the course of investigation and court proceedings, began to Express their dissatisfaction that their position is not heard and do not accept, then committed the act of attracting attention to their position – cut off his ear piece» – he said.

The Deputy Minister said: «there were no attacks on prison staff, there was no aggressive action on the part of «tornadovtsev».

According to Chernyshova, after the incident, «tornadoes» was taken to hospital, where he sewed his ear, and then was again taken to jail.

«After that remand prisoners were distributed throughout the cells and as of now the situation is under control, as «tornados» satisfactory,» he said.

While Chernyshov noted that the police in turn investigate the criminal proceedings in connection with the incident. He assured that the situation was controlled.

Responding to a question about whether on the part of jail staff of any misconduct in relation to the person under investigation «tornadovtsam», the Deputy Minister said: «by the defendants was not to the address of the jail any comments and complaints. Based on this, I can tell you that it was not misconduct».

Recall that on 11 January it was reported that in Kiev «napolina security Lukyanovka jail». During the conflict, the jail building was surrounded by police in order to maintain order.

Later it became known that «tornadoes» wanted to cut off his ear.

At the same time, information about the names of the victim differs.

«Tornadovtsa» attacked staff Lukyanovka jail, the Ministry of justice 12.01.2017

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