Torick was on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe because of the attacks of the invaders

Because of damage to a water pipeline Coreck is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe, but the occupants did not give security guarantees, which will allow the Ukrainian public utilities to begin to repair.

On this day, November 27, reports the press center of staff ATO.

It recalled that as a result of shelling on November 23 and projectile hit the water, connecting Gorlovka and Torack, stopped the supply of water to the city of Torack and nearby communities.

«Because of the lack of water in the city are closed kindergartens and schools, some districts of the city remain without heating. The city is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe», — stated in the headquarters.

«Ukrainian housing and communal services is ready to begin to repair, but the occupants for almost a week, there is no guarantee of security», — stated in the message.
However, the press-service GU gschs in Donetsk region reports that the city is provided with the supply and drinking water.

In addition, the SES departments led to the deployment and smooth operation 3 mobile points of heating. As of 6:00 27 Nov to points heating turned 199 people, including 87 children.

As reported, on 23 November, in the fighting in Toreck, was a damaged section of conduit with a diameter of 900 mm «Gorlovka — Torex», with the result that there was a complete cessation of water cities Tarack, Railways, urban village North of the Donetsk region and threatened the cessation of heat supply to the infrastructure and population.

The total number of the population that was left without water is 48 900.

In addition, in Toreck disabled heating in 11 two-storey buildings and 24 three-storey houses. Also Torect was suspended the educational process in 10 secondary schools and 11 primary schools.

Torick was on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe because of the attacks of the invaders 28.11.2016

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