Tombinski: the West is concerned about the situation with transit of Russian trucks through Ukraine

The head of the EU delegation to Ukraine Jan Tombinski said that the Western partners of Ukraine concerned about situation with transit of Russian cargoes through the territory of Ukraine, said the Ministry of infrastructure. This is stated in the message the Ministry of Infrastructure.

It is noted that on February 19 the Minister of infrastructure Andriy Pivovarsky Tombinski discussed the situation with transit that has developed between Ukraine and Russia.

«Mr Tombinski spoke about the concern of Western partners of Ukraine, as most of the goods carry on the Ukrainian territory heading into the EU. The international community hopes that Ukraine will remain a reliable transit country, and shortages in transit flows is a temporary phenomenon», — is told in the message.

Brewer explained that transit temporarily suspended to resolve the situation.

«The first step has been made. According to field staff, the «go home» works, the number of hits for a few days has decreased significantly. Both sides released the detained vehicles, drivers without interference complete the flight and return home. Messages about possible complications were reported,» — said the Minister.

He also noted that Ukraine is aware of its obligation to provide unimpeded and safe transit under international treaties, conventions and requirements of the General agreement on tariffs and trade and world trade organization.

«Especially because it’s in our national interest because we tend to realize its transit potential. Failing to ensure the fluidity of transit flows can lead to the fact that Ukraine will be bypassed and all other carriers to avoid putting your business at risk of delay or downtime of vehicles. Therefore, the Ministry is working on complete solution of the problem,» the Minister added.

Tombinski: the West is concerned about the situation with transit of Russian trucks through Ukraine 20.02.2016

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