Tombinski: electronic Declaration is required for a visa-free regime with the EU

The European Union Ambassador to Ukraine Jan Tombinski has published an urgent statement on the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of a number of «visa-free» laws.

The text of the statement was published on the official website of the EU delegation in Facebook.

The Ambassador confirmed that all three of the law adopted on Thursday, meet the requirements of the EU.

«I welcome the adoption at second reading of the laws on return and management of assets (4056), about the arrest and specefication assets (4054) and (changes to act) on the Prosecutor’s office (4055).

We realize what serious efforts put in by those who contributed in achieving this result,» — said, in particular, in the statement.

However, the EU Ambassador stressed that the implementation of visa requirements did not end there.

«The culmination of these efforts requires that the law on electronic Declaration (No. 36755) was brought in line with international standards,» he said.

Also the EU Ambassador recalled that Ukraine needs to complete the formation of the management team of the national Agency for combating corruption to start the work of this body «in the first quarter of 2016».

In turn first Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy is convinced that in August, Ukrainians can travel without visas. As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, Parubiy said before closing today’s meeting of the Parliament.

«Today is a great day in the history of Parliament, today is a great day in the history of Ukraine. We finally were able to put the last point in the adoption of the «visa-free» anti-corruption laws», — said Parubiy and added that «we have fulfilled our duty to our brothers whom were on the Maidan».

He stressed that there had been a big decisive step towards visa-free travel.

«I am convinced, in August, our citizens can travel abroad without visas and feel free people in the free world», — said Parubiy.

On the eve of the Rada was unable to cancel the previously adopted law (No. 3755) the withdrawal of postponing the introduction of electronic Declaration by public officials. Note, Tombinski earlier criticized the bill as such, «does not meet anti-corruption obligations, which took over the leadership of Ukraine».

Tombinski: electronic Declaration is required for a visa-free regime with the EU 19.02.2016

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