Today in Ukraine the elections will be held in 51 territorial community

Sunday, December 24, in Ukraine elections to the 51 United local community (GR), reported on the website of the Central election Commission.

The citizens of these OTO for the first time will elect deputies of village, settlement, city councils of the United territorial community, village, town and city heads.

In the local elections on 24 December attended by 42 political parties.

Part 51 of the territorial community consists of 256 local councils, seven of which are urban, 19 rural settlement and 230. The elections will cover 17 areas of Ukraine.

«In particular, in the Vinnytsia region elections will be held in one of the United territorial community, in the Volyn – one, in Dnipropetrovsk, three in Zaporizhia – two, in Ivano-Frankivsk – three, in Kiev – three, in Lviv – two, in Nikolaev – seven, in Odessa – two, in Poltava – seven, in Rivne – one, in Sumy – one, in Kherson – two, in Khmelnytskyi – six, Cherkasy – two, in Chernivtsi – four, in Chernihiv – four,» – noted on the website of the organization «OPORA».

Elections of deputies to local councils held under the proportional electoral system with retention of candidates from local organizations of political parties in territorial electoral districts. Deputies of village councils are elected under the majoritarian electoral system of relative majority in single-member constituencies. The election of city, rural and settlement heads are on odnotowano system, as in one of the cities no more than 90 thousand voters.

According to preliminary estimates of «Support» in these elections can take part more than 356 500 people.

29 October, Ukraine held its first local elections in 201 United local community. 4506 elected deputies of city, village, rural councils and 201 city, town, rural the head. The United territorial community was established in the framework of decentralization in all regions of Ukraine in March 2016.

Today in Ukraine the elections will be held in 51 territorial community 24.12.2017

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