Today GAI and MREO eliminated

In Ukraine were liquidated today, the State automobile inspection (GAI) and Inter-district registration and examination Department of State inspection of road safety (ired).

On Wednesday 18 November, reported the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

«Attention motorists! Today we «kill» the reference account is the Queen of corruption in traffic police, nurse of many generations of cops – «reference account» — ordered to live long! Today, finally, over the conditions. Liquidated the traffic police, MREO — established Service centers of the Ministry of interior, modified procedures – prepared a bunch of normative changes.. And here’s today made a Decision on the Cabinet of Ministers and was strongly supported: the use of the statements when making a hire is cancelled!», — wrote the Minister on his page in Facebook.

«The main news is that now at registration of the car at the Service Centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the seller and the buyer sign the contract of sale and purchase in any service center of Ukraine in the presence of the administrator who will certify the identity of the parties to the transaction on the basis of their documents. Will certify – for free!», — stated in the message.

According to him, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk today signed the corresponding order.

«Tomorrow help and accounts «will order to live long,» said the Minister.

«I think there is no car owner who would once not have paid in the SAI, in addition to mandatory fees (about 500 USD), even an additional thousand nimble little man (not in uniform). The man was looking at the documents, certifying the identity of the seller and the buyer and gave it a coveted license certificate on a prescribed form and made public on the polygraph. Private person selling a number of state a certificate account at the market price, not specified in any regulatory document. But without it the traffic police, the car was not registered!

You know, where private man took a number of forms of the strict reporting? So GAI!

GAI ordered numbered copies of the «reference account» SE «integrated printing plant «Ukraina» and at cost (until recently – UAH 29.04 kopecks, and now does 12 UAH) were sold to private firms. And all the legitimate rules and regulations.

The difference in cost – profit company. The company, of course, includes traffic on all vertical, because it forms smooth and in the right quantity is given only to those firms that are well shared.

Google at is 0.39 seconds finds 456 000 proposals to issue the certificate account. The price starts from 599 to 2000 USD. The processing time from 10 minutes to half an hour.

Total in average thousand-one and a half HR. for each blank! This, of course, not all firms got the permission of GAI for this exciting business, but only the «right»… And all the legitimate rules and regulations,» wrote Avakov.

Also the Minister told that you now need to register the car: «today for car registration to the new owner enough:

To sign the contract of sale (donation) the seller and the purchaser in person at any(!) The service Centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine in the presence of a Central administrator upon presentation of an identity document. The service fee is only obligatory payments established by the law.

To certify notarially the contract of sale and provide it to any(!) Service Center Of Ukraine. Compulsory payments plus notary services.

For buyers of new cars in the salons (Jur.person) sufficient to provide to the Service Center agreement, certified by the seal of the seller and their documents. Compulsory payments established by law».

Recall, July 2 the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law «On the National police» (No. 2822). Patrol police service created in Ukraine in the framework of reforming of internal Affairs bodies. Patrol police to replace patrol-sentry duty and traffic police.

First Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Eka Zguladze said that after the police of their powers of patrol service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine will remain the special forces GAI «Cobra» unit and escort of official delegations.

As stated in the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers from July 8, 2015 No. 476, the traffic police will continue to perform their functions until the establishment and functioning of territorial bodies, including inter-regional bodies of patrol service on the territory of certain administrative-territorial units.

Today GAI and MREO eliminated 18.11.2015

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