Tobacco is conscious and doesn’t know anyone – media

People’s artist of the USSR, the Russian actor Oleg Tabakov has regained consciousness. About it reports the Russian TV channel REN TV.

«Now the artist is conscious, however, almost no one around did not know. As they say in such cases, the doctors, does not respond to external stimuli», – stated in the message.

82-year-old Tabakov hospitalized in the afternoon of 27 November. It became known later that doctors diagnosed him with «sepsis».

It was reported that the artist has established tracheostomy – an artificial windpipe.

In early December, the Vice-mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov said that tobacco is in intensive care with a diagnosis of «complicated necrotizing pneumonia».

24 Dec actor became worse. His condition was described as extremely heavy, though he remained conscious.

Today, REN TV reported that Tabakov introduced in a medically induced coma connected to a ventilator. The TV station explains that it is usually in order to in severe disease to reduce the burden on weakened from the fight with disease of the internal organs.

Tobacco is conscious and doesn’t know anyone – media 27.12.2017

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