To the North of Germany hurricane. Declared a state of emergency

In the North of Germany, in the Federal States Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, declared a state of emergency due to the hurricane. As reports Deutsche Welle, citing dpa, the flood could be the largest in the last 10 years.

On Wednesday evening, January 4, was recorded flooding on the streets in the cities of lübeck, Rostock, warnemünde and Wismar. Damaged dozens of buildings. In Lubeck at least 8 cars were pulled from flooded areas. Hiking the approaches to the Central areas of cities were blocked.

Meteorologists admit that the level of water in the cities will rise by another 10 inches. In Lubeck, Wismar and Rostock level has exceeded norm more than half a meter.

Thus, according to broadcaster ARD, hurricane watch movies. On the island of rügen, one of the areas of the commune Gager was cut off from the rest of the island. On another island, Germany Usedom — the damage was more significant.

In the East and South of the country is not excluded heavy snowfalls and rains and hail. Tomorrow, 6 Jan, throughout Germany are expected frosts down to minus 7 degrees, and in mountains up to minus 20.

Previously, forecasters warned Ukrainians about the difficult weather conditions of January 6-7.

To the North of Germany hurricane. Declared a state of emergency 05.01.2017

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