To the Mushroom again allowed Ukrainian Consul – Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Consul has not received permission to visit 27 September Ukrainian Pavel Mushroom who is kept in SIZO of the Russian Krasnodar. This «Ukrainian truth» said the speaker of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Marian Betz.

She stressed that the consuls met with a Mushroom once, on September 18.

«Our diplomats have addressed in FSB of the Russian Federation in Krasnodar region with a request to allow a meeting with Paul on September 27. However, no reply was received,» said Betz.

The MFA representative also said that the Fungus was not allowed to examine Ukrainian doctors.

«The most that we can do within our leverage on the Russian side, we did. Again, we will write to the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry in Krasnodar region and about the next meeting with the Consul, and permit examination by Ukrainian doctors. Given the state of his health, it is very important that the Ukrainian guests had the opportunity to see Paul, and that he could take necessary medications,» said Betz.

According to her, the Fungus was allegedly examined by Russian doctors.

«But no information about what he was taking tests that were done to him and what conclusions were doctors, we said. Most likely, this was done in order to remove the question of the examination of the Fungus Ukrainian doctors,» she said.

Betz added that Belarus did not provide information. how the Fungus from Gomel was taken in Russia.

At the end of August Igor Grib stated that on August 24, his 19-year-old son, travelled to Gomel to a meeting with a friend, kidnapped by the FSB of Russia.

Two weeks on the exact whereabouts of Ukrainian was not known. On 7 September the Consulate General of Ukraine in Rostov-on-don received a message from the FSB of Russia in Krasnodar Krai on the content of the Fungus in Krasnodar. He is in a Russian prison on charges of terrorism. Oktyabrsky district court of Krasnodar arrested a Mushroom until 17 October.

Father Mushroom emphasized that the content of his son’s in jail without drugs «can lead to fatal consequences.» On 14 September the Ukrainian lawyer reported that he was given food and things, but the issue of transfer of drugs requires a separate approval.

15 Sep Paul of the Fungus was transferred from hospital back in jail.

To the Mushroom again allowed Ukrainian Consul – Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine 27.09.2017

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