To the CEC not know if the Russians vote in Ukraine

The head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova is no answer to the question, how will be able to vote in the 2018 presidential elections in Russia are Russian citizens living in Ukraine, write «RIA Novosti».

Pamfilova noted that the answer to this question depends not on her and not even from the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. The CEC head said that he could not comment on the election process in the neighbouring country because of the situation that has developed in Ukraine.

Presidential elections in Russia will be held on 18 March 2018.

The Central electoral Commission of Russia has registered as a candidate the journalist Ksenia Sobchak. She goes on elections under the slogan «Against all».

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny registration refused. In response he posted on the Internet a video message in which he announced a «strike of voters» in connection with the refusal to admit him to the polls.

Party «the Apple» has put forward a candidate of its founder Grigory Yavlinsky. The CEC has not registered.

26 December, the initiative group has nominated Russian President Vladimir Putin as a presidential candidate.

To the CEC not know if the Russians vote in Ukraine 26.12.2017

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