To obtain a visa-free regime with the EU, Ukraine needs to adopt 12 bills

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin hopes that the EU will provide Ukraine visa-free regime in 2016. He stated this on the TV channel «24».

«Visa-free regime, I believe, will be next year. The final report should be December 15, 2015. It will then be reviewed by the European Commission and the European Council. And then start the process of workmanship. It will last several months,» said Klimkin.

He also added that the report for December 15, «we need to finish all that is needed for visa-free regime».

«We have 12 laws, which I really hope we can start to implement. To climb just because of the failure to reform politically we fail. Because these reforms are considered fundamental by the European Union to ensure predictability and stability of the situation,» — said the Minister.

«It’s about corruption, it concerns the reform of law enforcement bodies and this applies to the reform of migration management. These 12 bills must be enacted before the end of this year the Parliament», — said Klimkin.

May 22, at the summit of «Eastern partnership» in Riga adopted a Declaration, which States that before the end of this year, the European Commission should prepare a report on the implementation by Ukraine of the criteria needed for visa free regime.

Two key questions in the introduction of a visa-free regime between Ukraine and the European Union — biometric passports and borders are protected.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declares that the introduction of visa-free regime with the EU is necessary «to ensure the safety of the primary system of identification of citizens, which provides for biometric passports and the introduction of a single identification card of the citizen».

In August, Ukraine gave the European Commission the final report on implementation of the recommendations of the action plan on liberalization of EU visa regime for Ukrainian citizens; in promise EC until 15 December to implement their part of obligations.

To obtain a visa-free regime with the EU, Ukraine needs to adopt 12 bills 24.09.2015

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