To counter Pro-Russian «fifth column» in Belarus founded the sports-Patriotic club «War»

With the support of the national Democrats of the Young front (Bel. «Young Front») in the Republic of Belarus there were sports-Patriotic club (SEC) «War», according to the InformNapalm.

According to the leader of «Young Front» Dashkevich of Smicer, the movement was created to counter the Pro-Kremlin «fifth column», as well as for training the patriots of the country in case of possible occupation by Russia.

The «fifth column» of the Belarusan right call operating on the territory of the country «Reactionary» monarchist cell Pro-Putin Russian nationalists: the representation of Rossotrudnichestvo, information-analytical portal «Empire», military-Patriotic club «the Cossack Saviour», the community «Antimaydan», international movement «International Russia», «Eurasian civil Union», «Russian cultural and educational society», «young Rus», «Russian house», dozens of Orthodox military-Patriotic clubs and others.

A complete listing, sostavlennyj «MOF», available at this link.

«Initiatives such as «War», a fundraiser for Belarusians fighting in the ATO zone on the side of Ukraine, actions of solidarity with Ukraine, the growing influence of the Belarusian nationalists — tear pattern Russian chauvinists, who until recently were convinced that in Belarus they will be cleaned boots, but now they are well aware that instead of a Shoe brush in the hands of many will be automatic,» sums up Dashkevich.

«Problems [with the authorities] and there should not be. We do not controleasy activities. It is a sport, we play airsoft. Other activities have not yet been. In fact, it is a national club for people who want to actively spend time,» says Mikalai Dzemidzenka.

We will remind, in November Ukrainian citizenship received a Belarusian dissident, active participant of anti-terrorist operation as part of the volunteer battalion «OUN» Vasily parfiankou.

From the Ukrainian side in the fighting against Russian-terrorist troops involved several dozen people, mostly among those persecuted in Belarus as an active participant antilukashenka underground.

It should be noted that the second died during the Revolution of Dignity was a political refugee from Belarus, an activist of the UNA-UNSO Mikhail Zhiznevsky (alias «Loki»).

The guy at the age of 17, was forced to flee to Kiev because of repression in their Homeland, in neighbouring Belarusian oblast center of Gomel.

January 22, 2014, when he was 25, shot by a sniper from the police he was killed on Hrushevskoho street.

To counter Pro-Russian «fifth column» in Belarus founded the sports-Patriotic club «War» 03.02.2016

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