«Titushky» tried to break through autoblood in Transcarpathia. Russian trucks went to the RAM

On a post, has in Transcarpathia for blocking the passage of trucks with Russian goods to Europe, provocations start. The activists who blocked the passage, profit the local «titushki», they are trying to pass through the checkpoint machines.

The situation is tense, arrived at the scene the chief of Transcarpathian police, reports «UKRINFORM» with reference to organizers of the blockade.

«About noon to the checkpoint came 7 trucks that refused to unfold. Drivers began to call someone, after a while the military roadblock drove a black BMW with numerous rooms. The man got out of the car, gathered Russian drivers in the circle, they were saying something, then followed about 30 young people, representatives of local criminals. They tried to intimidate our guys, so they missed the truck. Somewhere called, said «now they all poreshat with a Moskal«. Then the truck tried to take the post on RAM, and failed,» said one of the organizers of the blockade Taras Deyak.

Now these 7 cars block traffic on the highway Ukrainian transport.

At the site, according to the activist, left the chief of the Transcarpathian police Sergey Knyazev.

We will remind, yesterday, on February 11, the Ukrainian nationalists and the military volunteers of Transcarpathia announced the establishment of roadblocks at the entrances in Transcarpathian region for combating and preventing trading in Ukraine of vehicles with Russian registration numbers. Today, 12 February, by the combating and prevention in Ukraine trade and transport with Russian registration numbers joined the Lviv and Volyn oblasts.

The head of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal considers that Ukraine should adequately react to the bans and restrictions for Ukrainian citizens and companies from Russia, blocking the entrance to the area of the Russian trucks public activists have a right to Express their position.

«Titushky» tried to break through autoblood in Transcarpathia. Russian trucks went to the RAM 12.02.2016

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