«Time Mirage»: Ivan Dorn and SunSay recorded a joint song

Singers Ivan Dorn and SunSay recorded a joint song «Time Mirage». The song is included in new album «Above the head».

Kharkov SunSay, aka Andrey Zaporozhets, a few years living with his family on the Indonesian island of Bali. According to him, the song «Above his head» with the mandrel they were doing in the distance. The last few months, Ivan was in America. Worked on an English album, reports Gazeta.ua.

«Time Mirage» has matured more than one year. I like the creativity of the mandrel. Decided to offer him cooperation. Ivan responded quickly to my offer. Painted the song with his unique vocals. Not he had to explain his vision. Hit it off immediately, although he worked remotely,» says Andrey Zaporozhets.

In the song the musicians are thinking: it’s easy if people are willing to let go of what you have?

Along with a new song Andrei Zaporozhets and Ivan Dorn published a joint stylized archival photos from his childhood. Although Ivan Dorn was born in Chelyabinsk, the Russian, and Andrew Zaporozhets native of Kharkov. And over the mandrel 9 years.

The new album of the finalist of the national selection for Eurovision 2016 SunSay will be released on November 25. On 1 February it will present in Kharkov, and the next day in Kiev.

The CD will 11 songs. Except Ivan Dorn, in recording took part Check, Tosya and All In Orchestra.

«The new album will be a modern interpretation of various styles. Indie, funk, hip-hop, soul and Blues,» continued the Cossack.

In March of this year, with Sergei Babkin SunSay issued the single «Far away» to his restored group «5’Nizza».

«Time Mirage»: Ivan Dorn and SunSay recorded a joint song 24.11.2016

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