Tillerson said that the expansion of «Magnitsky list» is aimed at protecting U.S. allies

The U.S. will continue to expand sanctions «Magnitsky list». This is stated in the statement of the Secretary of state‘s Rex Tillerson, that on 21 December published on the website of the state Department.

According to the head of Department, the restrictive measures «contribute to the security of the United States and its allies».

«The introduction of sanctions shows that the United States will continue to achieve measurable and substantial consequences for those who commit grave human rights abuses and involved in corruption,» said Tillerson.

The lawyer of the consulting company Firestone Duncan and the auditor of the Fund Hermitage Capital Sergei Magnitsky, who uncovered a scheme of large-scale embezzlement from the Russian budget, was arrested in 2008, and in 2009 died in the detention center in Moscow at the age of 37 ostensibly from cardiac problems. Russian human rights activists claim that the authorities deliberately ignored the poor state of health of Magnitsky, in order to silence him.

In December 2012, the US passed the Magnitsky act, imposing personal sanctions against persons responsible for violation of human rights and the rule of law in Russia.

In December 2016, the US Congress adopted the «Global Magnitsky act», in the same month it was signed by President Barack Obama. According to the law, the President of the United States may impose sanctions against the citizens of any foreign state, if it is proven that they are relevant to gross violations of human rights and corruption. Sanctions could include a ban on entering the US and freezing of assets.

21 December 2017 in the «Magnitsky list» was the ex-commander of the Kiev special forces of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine «Golden eagle» Sergey Kusyuk, the Russian Prosecutor General Chaika Artem, the eldest daughter of the former President of Uzbekistan Gulnara Karimova and a number of other people and companies.

Tillerson said that the expansion of «Magnitsky list» is aimed at protecting U.S. allies 23.12.2017

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