Tillerson cautioned against the revival of ISIS

Although full-scale fighting against Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Syria was completed, it is premature to speak of the final defeat of ISIS. This statement, on 13 February did the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson at the conference of donor countries of Iraq in Kuwait, reports Reuters.

According to the head of the state Department, ISIL fighters can go underground and prepare the insurgency in Iraq and Syria. In addition, a terrorist group creates a «safe Harbor» in the Philippines, in Afghanistan, Libya and the countries of West Africa, he warned.

A necessary condition for preventing the recurrence LIH Tillerson called the return of Iraq and Syria to a normal life. We are talking about the clearance area, the reconstruction of the health sector, the uninterrupted supply of water and electricity.

The United States intends to allocate $3 billion for the reconstruction of Iraq, said at the conference.

9 December 2017, the Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi announced the capture under the control of the border with Syria that, he said, meant victory in the war against ISIS.

In November, the Islamists were driven out of last stronghold in Syria – Abu-Kemal.

In 2014, ISIS militants invaded Iraq, and for several weeks occupied a third of the country, including major cities Mosul and Tikrit. Under threat were the Iraqi capital Baghdad, but in the end the attack the militants managed to stop.

In Syria «Islamic state» in 2015, they controlled 70% of the territory.

Tillerson cautioned against the revival of ISIS 14.02.2018

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