Thriller the film opposes the existence of «independent DNR» in the long run

The Creator of the gangs «East» Alexander Khodakovsky stated that he is against the independent existence of the self-proclaimed «DNR» in the long run.

He said this in an interview with the resource «Eurasia», reports «Island».

Khodakovsky said that he is a supporter of the annexation of the occupied militants territories of the Russian Federation, but considers that at present this is unlikely.

«We don’t want to join Russia in the 1/3 of the former Donetsk and Lugansk regions,» — said Khodakovsky.

He expects to Pro-Russian separatists-controlled territories of Donbas will join the left-Bank Ukraine and then it will be possible to raise the question of the entry of these territories into the Russian Federation: «We believe that the latent tendencies that are happening in Ukraine, can count on the fact that, at least, its left-Bank part after some time very tense».

«I think that now you should not hurry with making any harsh decisions in respect of Donbass. The situation must be adhered to and to their development… the Question of our joining Russia is open and relevant, but I’d rather territorial in this truncated format this is not to hurry….», — said the gunman.

That’s why he opposes the existence of «DNR» in the long run.

«I am opposed to the existence of an independent «Donetsk people’s Republic», except on a temporary stage, because, given the mentality of our elites, it will automatically turn into an independent Principality or a personal fiefdom with a very distorted internal procedures. And this is absolutely unacceptable!» — said Khodakovsky.

Recall that the former leader of the militants, the Russian Igor «Strelkov» Girkin told that the creation of pseudo-States «of D/LC are not» in the interests of the residents ORDO: «I think over time they will unite, and I hope sooner or later will become part of Russia, that is what got the Donbass. For reunification with Russia, not for any their independence. No one wanted it, it all began only under Russian flags, and let’s just say, the creation of these States while pseudo States, unfortunately, for a number of parameters – it is not answered and is not responding until now, the interests of the population».

The instability and temporality of the occupation authorities obviously understood even by the functionaries of the so-called «power». This is reflected, for example, that participants in the «primaries», which on October 2 was in ORDO, rather evasive answer to the question, will they work with the Ukrainian authorities, if Lugansk will be back under Ukrainian control.

In particular, the question «are You Ready to work in local authorities of Ukraine if suddenly «Luhansk Republic» will return to its composition?» one of the participants in the primaries said, «I’m ready to work on my native Aleksandrovsk. Because I was a local resident of the seventh generation. And everything that happens there — my heart aches. In any administrative field, have not been Alexander, I am ready to work for this city.»

Very diplomatic, but indicative of the answer to this question the head of the occupation administration in the city of Lugansk Manolis Pilavova. He urged his colleagues to refrain from categorical statements that they will not work with the Ukrainian authorities: «the Question is really complicated, it just will not respond. Today we are talking about the fact that the Ukrainian side does not perform the Minsk agreement. But let’s honor the Minsk agreement, we are under the Minsk agreements required autonomy within Ukraine. Don’t forget about it.»

According to the Donetsk sociologist Eugene Kopatko, after these «primary» interest of voters in the occupied territory to create their «States» fell into the so-called «DNR» three times, and the so-called «LNR» – 12 times.

We add that a year ago in «DND» held a «coup» on the night of September 4-5 the power in the group came the so-called «autonomists», headed by the triumvirate of leaders of the militants PushilinZakharchenko — Khodakovsky (advocating for a «broad autonomy» under their control the cities of Donetsk, Horlivka and Makiivka in Ukraine), which was eliminated from the leadership of this illegal armed formation (IAF) «Federalists», led by Andrei Purgin. «Federalists» instead, support the idea of «occurrence» in the Russian Federation on the rights of the individual subject of the Federation and planned for November of the relevant fake «referendum».

Thriller the film opposes the existence of «independent DNR» in the long run 28.11.2016

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