This is the first summit «Ukraine-EU», where we demand, not ask, — Irina Gerashchenko

First Vice-speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament Irina Gerashchenko told about the main events that took place during the summit «Ukraine — EU».

She wrote about this in Facebook.

Gerashchenko said: «the First summit EU — Ukraine, where Ukraine does not ask, and demands. From the EU to fulfil its part of the obligations in question bizwise. The first summit EU — Ukraine, where I do not proofread as careless pupils, and I apologize. It was open and sometimes hard talk, where the Ukrainian delegation is very clearly advocated and bezveze, and the Agreement and the impossibility of changing his text and on sanctions against Russia, which continues the war against Ukraine. This is the first summit, where the EU is justified. But we need no justification, no sympathy and concern, consistently responsible and clear position of the EU, including bezveze. In this context, I think the summit is very important — this is a good chance for the Ukrainian side very frankly to speak and to demand a consistent and responsible attitude. Delays no excuses».

She continued: «a Brief abstract of the presidents of the European Commission Juncker, the European Council Donald Tusk and Ukrainian President Poroshenko from the briefing:

EU President Tusk, which began in Ukrainian: praised the reforms that the Ukrainians, led by the President has made over the last year. Acknowledged that Ukraine deserves more in dialogue with the EU;

Ukraine fulfilled its obligations;

discussions on visa-free regime do not concern more than Ukraine, and the European institutions;

The Association agreement has not only economic, but also geopolitical importance, and its hugely important for us to ratify.

EC President Juncker:

we need to find ways to provide visa-free regime for Ukraine by the end of the year;

vnutrenniaia problem concerning the mechanism of suspension must be resolved before the end of the year;

Ukraine over the past two years has done more than the previous years of independence.

President Poroshenko:

Ukraine usually put difficult issues on compliance.

The first summit, when we raise the question of the EU with a request to timely perform its obligations — we did everything.

Midwestlatino negotiations between the European Parliament and the European Council before the end of this year to be over.

The 45-million Ukrainian people have made huge reforms, implemented VLAP, waiting for the visa-free regime.

The second common views and position on Russian aggression. Demand from Russia to stop the attacks unhindered access to SMM OSCE Ukrainian-Russian border.

Demand from Russia to release all hostages in the Russian Federation and the occupied territories, condemned the delay in the implementation of the Minsk agreements by Russia.

Sanctions should continue until the implementation of the Minsk agreements and to restore the full sovereignty of Ukraine, together with Crimea. Russian propaganda — we need a joint struggle.

Crimea — a clear position of non-recognition of the annexation of Crimea.

Support member countries of the EU of the UN resolution on Crimea, it lays the Foundation for de-occupation.

The release of the hostages — the delay on the part of the Russian Federation no excuse. The longer Russia holds hostages — the deeper Russia slips in the eyes of the world into the abyss.»

«I am sincerely convinced that it was an important summit and this open conversation will contribute to the solution of problematic issues. The Ukrainian government has demonstrated a strong position. The truth is on our side,» summed up Gerashchenko.

We will remind, today in Brussels, held a summit Ukraine-EU.

This is the first summit «Ukraine-EU», where we demand, not ask, — Irina Gerashchenko 24.11.2016

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