«This is my voice.» Trump has refused to stop tweeting

American President Donald trump, despite appeals to stop their activities in social networks will continue to post on Twitter. He said this while chatting with a journalist The New York Times Magazine, mark Leibovich.

«This is my voice,» explained trump.

The journalist, in turn, noted that he sometimes finds tweets President «is more comprehensive than the White house briefings».

On June 13 a member of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress from the Democratic party Mike Quigley registered a draft law which provides for the storage of posts trump social networks in the National archives.

On June 17 the team of the satirical show The Daily Show opened in new York, the library tweets the President of the United States.

On June 29 US President’s barrage of criticism after he, in his Twitter called Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, is the leading popular news program on MSNBC. The first President, in particular, called «crazy», and the second a «psychopath».

June 30, the American newspaper New York Post published an article, published under the heading «About «tweets» trump». The text consists of three words and says: «Stop. Just stop.»

«This is my voice.» Trump has refused to stop tweeting 12.07.2017

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