There was video of the attack in Ankara. The power of Turkey was blamed on Kurdish

On February 17, around 18:30 in the centre of Ankara there was a powerful explosion. The incident occurred close to Kizilay square, where the building of Parliament, several ministries and the General staff of the Turkish armed forces, writes UKRINFORM.

The number of victims of a powerful explosion in the centre of the Turkish capital already amounted to 28 people, injured more than 60.

The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine reported that Ukrainians among victims of explosion there.

As noted citing AP, the barracks exploded a car filled with explosives. As you can see in the photos in social networks, strong damaged the bus. It is not excluded that there were two. The explosion occurred near a bus in which there were military. It happened at a time when drivers stopped at red lights.

In government circles, according to Al Arabiya, the incident was called terrorist act. The objective of the attack was a bus carrying military, said the representative of the Turkish armed forces, reports CNN.

The responsible Turkish authorities gave the Working party of Kurdistan, according to Al Arabiya. Representatives of this party since the mid-1980s, are fighting for the creation of a Kurdish autonomy on Turkish territory, but all attempts of the Kurds, the Turkish government abruptly cuts out.

Currently, the scene cordoned off. As transfers NEWSru Israel, in view of this situation, the authorities have imposed restrictions on the work of journalists at the scene. To publish any details of the investigation of the terrorist act banned. Published information is censored.

Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu, according to Hürriyet, due to the explosion has canceled a trip to Brussels. Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that those responsible for the attack must be «massive blow», according to Al Arabiya.

In October 2015, when two explosions in Ankara killed at least 86 people and more than 200 were injured. Then it was reported that explosive devices are detonated by two suicide bombers. Responsibility for the October attacks no one has claimed.

There was video of the attack in Ankara. The power of Turkey was blamed on Kurdish 18.02.2016

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