Theatre on Podol «Roshen» showed a new facade, made of Kiev

At the hem in Kiev opened the facade of the new building, the reconstruction of which has caused a great resonance. About it reports «Ukrainian truth» from an event place.

The facade was opened to the applause of the people who came to the opening. The other part led by the Svoboda Igor Miroshnichenko met openings in the façade, shouting «shame».

The chief architect of Kiev: the construction of the theatre on Podil is not completed

Earlier in socialnih networks protested the facade of the new building of the Kiev drama theatre on Podil, built on Andreevsky descent. Users have already called the building a «sarcophagus», «crematorium».

The plan was re-approved August 2, 2010 and signed by the then head of the KSCA from YanukovychAlexander Popov.

In 2015, it became known that the philanthropist who give money for the completion, is a Corporation «Roshen», owned by President Petro Poroshenko.

As explained by the then Deputy mayor for the construction of, and now Advisor to the mayor KlitschkoPavel Ryabikin, the project of reconstruction of the theater argued, based on UNESCO recommendations.

«The UNESCO recommendation notes that in order to emphasize the historical identity of the building, next to impossible to build a new building, a stylized antique. All that is built new, must be radically different so as not to blur the historical set of the city,» he said.

When asked why, then, managed to keep the facade of the TSUM, and provides for reconstructing the preservation of the old facade, he said: «There are three options — restoration, reconstruction and new building. During the restoration on the restoration of the historic appearance of the building. In the reconstruction we can go to the significant change in the appearance of the building, like technical characteristics,» he said.

Ryabikin also noted that if the building previously had evidence memo was historical, it would be restored.

«But, apparently, this building was not wearing signs historic monument,» he said.

As told the head of Department on public relations of Corporation «Roshen» Catherine Macedonian, at the opening of the theater, the organizers will explain to the public about the reasons for the change in elevation.

«Roshen» is the patron of this project. On November 29 we will open the facade. Not because today is the opening of the theater, the discovery theater will be in the spring, and because there was such a demand from the society. We show a façade, and it will look quite different, as it is now. We show booths, explain why not keep the old project in 2006, there were cons. We explain why that building looks the way it does, why it, why so many floors,» she said.

«We will explain what is the concept of such a building. This will be the only theater in Ukraine, which can be visited by people with disabilities,» — said Macedonian.

«Work continues. The opening of the theater planned for the Day of the theater in the spring of 2017» — summed up the Macedonian.

The project’s architect, who was elected «Roshen», Kharkov Oleg Drozdov.

«The Ukrainian truth» became known that the Architectural and town planning Council, which reviewed the project, reviewed it, gave comments and asked to take these comments into account in the project. After that, the architect had to provide a draft to the Council for approval. But Drozdov, according to sources, it was not.

On the website Drozdov entered the building project.

At the request of «the Ukrainian truth» and other users FB architect wrote:
«I recommend everyone to see with the removed cases and to make an impression». He did not answer the question of whether he did not attend the meeting of the urban planning Committee.

«The Ukrainian truth» appealed to the Kyiv city state administration, in the Department of architecture request for comment.

The chief architect of Kiev: the construction of the theatre on Podil is not completed

The construction of the new building of the Kiev drama theater on Podol is not completed as it was not taken into account the comments of the town planning Board. Comments about this announced the chief architect of Kiev Alexander Svistunov.

«Construction of the theatre on Podil is not completed as at the moment not taken into account the comments of the town planning Board,» he said.

According to him, the procedure is the following: to implement the recommendations of the town planning Board in terms of making adjustments to the project undergo public hearings and to submit the draft again to the town planning Board, and then to complete the reconstruction of the facades.

Whistleblowers added that all these actions must be completed before may, when the scheduled opening of the theater.

Recall the construction of the theatre began in 2004, the Estimated cost of the project at that time was 25.3 million.

Theatre on Podol «Roshen» showed a new facade, made of Kiev 29.11.2016

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