The zika virus has reached Russia

The CPS has registered the first case of imported zika fever in the Russian Federation, reported on the Agency’s website. Meanwhile, experts say that in Russia because of the climate the danger of spreading the disease there.

«Now ill is in the case of infectious hospital in a satisfactory condition. Established medical monitoring contact with family members, the clinical manifestations of the disease have been identified, the results of research on the virus zika negative», — stated in the message Department.

Ill was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. A few days after returning to Moscow the health of Russians has worsened, she has developed a fever and rash. Ill was immediately hospitalized with the recommendation of the examination fever. «The results of laboratory studies of the domestic test system in biological fluids diseased virus detected Zeke», — said the press service of the Ministry.

Also in Rospotrebnadzor assured that AviaPort who became ill came from the Dominican Republic, on arrival spent the whole range of necessary anti-epidemic measures. Currently, the threat to the health of passengers missing.

As reported Agency city news «Moscow» infectious disease specialist Nikolay Malyshev, the danger of Contracting fever from a sick patient, a woman no, because the virus cannot be transmitted through. «There was no danger, no need to stir up panic. To transmit the virus to anyone she could not — it is transmitted by mosquitoes. The Americans recorded only one case of infection through sexual contact, but it is open to question. Nothing serious,» assured the expert.

In Rospotrebnadzor explained that in Russia from-for climatic features the risk of spread of fever zika no. At the same time is when planning a holiday among the countries of the tropical and subtropical climate you must select a safe in epidemiological terms.

With the appearance of one or more symptoms of disease (fever, rash, conjunctivitis, pain in muscles and joints, fatigue) experts advise for 2-3 weeks after returning from endemic countries the virus of the sick, immediately consult a doctor.

The zika virus, which became widespread in Latin America, was opened in 1947 in Uganda. In most cases the disease progresses without any symptoms, so the virus is hard to detect. Outbreaks were reported in Asia, Africa, North and South America, Pacific region.

We will remind, epidemic of this viral disease broke out in Brazil in the beginning of this year.

The world health organization has warned about increased with the onset of spring, the danger of the spread of zika virus in Europe.

A proven vaccine against the virus does not yet exist.

Note, Zeke can be transmitted sexually and from mother to child.

The zika virus has reached Russia 15.02.2016

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