The Zhebrivsky told why he closed KP «zaytsevo»

The militants are constantly shelling with the Minsk agreements prohibited weapons near the crossing point «zaytsevo» on the line of contact, so it was decided to close this checkpoint. About it on air «the 5th channel» during the marathon «Ukraine above all», said the head of the Donetsk region Pavel Zhebrivsky.

«We have a caution in cooperation with the headquarters of the ATO, which is probably a repetition of the Volnovakha tragedy. And, in fact, to prevent these things we jointly decided that from tomorrow to calm the situation will be closed the checkpoint «zaytsevo», he said.

Thus, according to the Zhebrivsky, the situation also remains tenuous near Marinka and the Food technologist.

«There are still tensions in two paragraphs is a little checkpoint and the village of Pyshchevyk,» said he.

So near the latter, which is located near Mariupol, on Monday there was an armed conflict between the forces of anti-Terrorist operation and Russian mercenaries. There is almost an hour lasted shooting fight. Also recently, the militants fired from the Maryinsky AGS near transition.

Recall that after the message about closing «zaytsevo» the checkpoint was crossed by about five thousand people.

The Zhebrivsky told why he closed KP «zaytsevo» 03.02.2016

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