The Zhebrivsky decided in connection with the stabilization of the situation in Mariupol not to ask to cancel the elections

The head of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration (OVHA) Pavel Zhebrivsky will not ask Central election Commission to cancel the local elections on 25 October in Mariupol.

In Mariupol, Akhmetov printing finished printing ballots

«I will not until. Yesterday there was shelling, and if things continued, then, of course, for security purposes, I would have applied to the CEC. But the situation has stabilized, and therefore my appeal to cancel elections in the CEC is not necessary», — said the Zhebrivsky on air of the 5th channel on Tuesday.

He explained that the situation around the elections in Mariupol need to be considered from the safety perspective, but also taking into account the «political component».

«Regarding the political component – I, to make the maximum effort to ensure that the elections on the border, including in Mariupol, didn’t happen. A political decision was made, and elections are held. Now my task is to ensure the safety of these elections», — said the head of the Donetsk EVGA

At the same time, he said, «political component» is a problem of the CEC.

«Regarding the printing of ballot papers, the placing of election commissions at Metinvest, Akhmetov is an issue, but I think this issue of CEC. I really hope that the CEC will be reelected, and there choose people who will not be associated with the previous government», — said the Zhebrivsky.

In Mariupol, Akhmetov printing finished printing ballots

Tuesday, October 20, in Mariupol in the printing «Priazovsky worker», which is owned by Rinat Akhmetov, has completed the printing of ballots.

«It became known that the ballot papers did topically. All night there were watching the activists, observers, they watched as the ballots are printed, and yesterday found an error in the discrepancy of numbers on an already Packed bulletins», – transfers «112 Ukraine».

At the moment, do not know when it will be transmitting and receiving printed newsletters. The head of the Territorial election Commission has not announced the date of the meeting.

Note, one of the candidates for deputies of the Mariupol city Council posted online a photo of one of the packs with the ballots.

We will remind, the head of the Donetsk region Pavel Zhebrivsky suggested not to hold elections in Mariupol and said that it was a political decision. The Zhebrivsky also noted that he had tried to persuade the businessman Rinat Akhmetov not to stand close to him the candidacy in Mariupol. However, the President Poroshenko said that the elections in Mariupol to be held.

As reported, on October 18 in the printing «Priazovsky worker» at 19.00 were due to open field session of Mariupol city election Commission. However, Mariupol parties, United into a democratic coalition, said that the elections on October 25 rigging is being prepared — they claim that the electoral process will be infringed in connection with the decision of the Mariupol territorial Commission about printing of ballots in Mariupol.

In this regard, the representatives of the democratic forces, the four candidates in mayors of Mariupol, several dozens of candidates for deputies of the city Council and journalists gathered for a rally outside of the printing house «Azov worker». By the end of the rally of democratic forces of Mariupol against the revenge of the «regionals» decided on Tuesday, 20 October, to picket Central election Commission in Kiev, and also to hold the set of observers for the elections and publicize all protocols from all polling stations. Democratic forces in connection with the situation suggested moving the local elections in Mariupol.

The Deputy head of the CEC Andriy Mahera expressed the view that the best solution would be the adoption of the decision on impossibility of holding elections in Mariupol. «In order to spend in another time, under other conditions, to spend and compete, and which would guarantee the independence of the territorial election commissions from the influence of extraneous political forces,» he said.

The Zhebrivsky decided in connection with the stabilization of the situation in Mariupol not to ask to cancel the elections 20.10.2015

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