The world boom of electric cars will start in three years. Leadership for China, the German experts

By the end of 2016, it became clear that world leader in the development, production and introduction of electric vehicles will be China, not the US as previously thought: in the past year, the Chinese market has sold more than 400 thousand electric cars and hybrids, while in the US — «only» 160 thousand. In most other markets, the number of electric vehicles is growing slowly, the global boom will begin no earlier than three years, writes DW with reference to the study of the Center for automotive management (CAM) in the German Bergisch Gladbach.

The rapid growth of the market of electromobility, starting with the 2020-ies, may lead to fundamental changes in the chains of added value and in the balance of power in the global automotive industry, scientists warn.

The main manufacturer of electric vehicles could be China — already the vast majority are now sold on the Chinese market electric cars — are the products of local companies. While the Chinese government is going to have in 2018 to require all working in China for automakers to produce at least 8% of electric cars or pay fines.

According to German scientists, the quota system can be a serious problem for working in China foreign automakers, especially for those who are little engaged in the development of electric vehicles. For the largest in the Chinese market foreign avtostroitel — Volkswagen new system would be «a challenge», admitted in mid-January, the head of the Chinese division of the German company Jochem Heizman. Because so far VW is in China electric cars are not made.

However, by 2020, the German company planned to establish their enterprises in China, the release of 15 models with alternative engines. The beginning of this large-scale expansion is expected in 2017: Audi with its local Chinese partner FAW will launch a model A6 with a hybrid motor.

The production of electric vehicles in China thought and Daimler, which in the next ten years is going under a new brand Mercedes EQ to develop for the global market 10 models with hybrid or electric motors. Serial production of the first of them should start in Germany before 2020.

Renault-Nissan plans two years later to start production of inexpensive electric cars for the Chinese market.

Meanwhile, in Europe the demand for electric cars remains low. According to the study of CAM in the past year in Norway, there were 45 thousand new passenger cars and commercial vehicles that use electric motors in the UK 37 million, France 29 million, and Germany, which is the largest car market in Europe, only 25 thousand.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine the number of electric vehicles for the year increased by 5 times.

The world boom of electric cars will start in three years. Leadership for China, the German experts 27.01.2017

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