The work of COAG at the request of the IMF made clear. Rada adopted the law

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law on transparency in the organization of activities of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office in response to the recommendations of the International monetary Fund.

At the meeting of the Parliament Thursday 18 January for the law No. 4055 on amendments to the law of Ukraine on Prosecutor’s office concerning the transparency in the organization of activities of Specialized anticorruption prosecution (SAP) pursuant to the recommendations of the IMF voted 302 people’s deputies.

The new law improves the legal basis for the organization of the activities of the SAP, ensuring transparency of activities of the tender Commission on the appointment to administrative posts and posts of prosecutors in the Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office.

The bill 4055, which was initiated by the President Petro Poroshenko, introduces amendments to the law «On Prosecutor’s office» in terms of appointing the head and Deputy of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors (SAP).

In particular, the law guarantees the attorney General full control over the current (free to free) and on the future (may elect) head of the SAP.

At the same time the «pros» of the bill is considered deprivation of head of the GPU of the power to appoint employees of SAP. They will directly appoint the head of the anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s office.

Edits also allow the attorney General discretion to reject twice in a row, candidates for the position of the anti-corruption Prosecutor filed with the competition Commission.

In addition, in case the bill is passed, to dismiss the current anti-corruption Prosecutor of Nazar Gorodnitskogochosen to lead the anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s office five year term, you will be ahead of schedule.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016, during the consideration in the first reading the bill was adopted.

At the same time, Tombinski praised the bills No. 4054 and # 4056 of today’s anti-corruption («visa») package, calling them that are «consistent with the standards of the European Union».

«The draft laws about the detection, investigation and management of assets derived from corruption and other crimes (4056), and the seizure of property and special confiscation institutc (4054) meet the standards of the EU,» he said.

Tombinski also called «without further delay» to implement an effective system of Declaration of assets in 2016.

It must be comprehensive and cover all officials working in the fields and in positions that are vulnerable from the point of view of corruption, which needs to re-submit the application in electronic form to allow the National Agency for prevention of corruption fully operational», -underlined in the message.

«After eight months of unsuccessful attempts to establish Agency, it is time to see how it works» — said Tombinsky.

Handling Poroshenko to the nation, promulgated on 16 February, the Chairman of the state called acting Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin to resign.

According to people’s Deputy of Ukraine from the faction «BPP» Mustafa Nayem, the attorney General immediately complied with the request Poroshenko and already wrote a resignation letter.

The work of COAG at the request of the IMF made clear. Rada adopted the law 18.02.2016

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