The witnesses of the murder in Krivoe Ozero told the media their version of events

Witnesses to the murder of the police 33-year-old Alexander Zuckerman on the night of 24 August in the curve Lake in nikolayevshchina told TSN details of the incident.

According to the cousin of the late Nina, her brother made good money, so steal what his posthumously accused of, just could not, and did not drink excessively.

Pensioner Vladimir Z. knew Alexander’s birth — was a neighbor of his parents. The man says that Zuckerman grew up in a decent family with his older brother, Sergei. Alexander drove the top brass — CEO of a certain company, but his wife «walked». «I saw him killed here in shorts and handcuffs, and sadly sigh. One of the policemen I know — Pricepaid. He’s not an honorable man. When the RECs (regional electric network — ed.) worked, and showed himself not with the best hand». Vladimir says that conflicts in the village, no one with the police was not. Disgruntled krivoozerets is that the inaction of law enforcement officers — the local drunks from the bars not to drive.

According to one of the friends Vitaly, with the levity of the wife of Alexander struggled not one year. While he was on mission, she was able to do what you want. That she loved male attention, supposedly knew all the village, and Zuckerman once even pulled his wife’s hair from a local bar. Vitaly sure did not leave his friend with his wife only for sons. «The taxi driver him that night brought. Sasha was drunk, so the taxi driver helped Alla to have a man in the house. Sasha fell asleep for a while, and when I woke up, I saw that the taxi driver hasn’t left yet. He struck the cab driver, then started his car to beat,» says Vitali.

The taxi driver Vasily Nesdoly lives a little further from the centre curve Lake. He has no wife but has two daughters, the eldest lives and works in Odessa, the youngest is with him. A person hides the bruises behind wide sunglasses. «His wife called me that evening caused. Said he can’t walk. It is somewhere about three o’clock in the morning it was. Brought to the house, called his wife — she left. I brought him into the house, turned around and walked back to the car, for some reason it wouldn’t start. I otolyl her thought with a tug to start. I hear that in the house scandal broke. Then ran out from the yard Alla, Sasha. She ran over to the car and he rushed to me and started to beat me. I immediately fell. Beat — complains Vasily and shows abrasions. I don’t know what he was so unhappy, but shouted that will kill. Tore my shoulder started hitting the car. I went to the police. At the station, according to the man, told him that his wife Zuckerman already called the outfit. Basil returned to their house, where he saw two outfit. The police took the taxi driver in the car to issue a Protocol, so he didn’t see anything. After some time in the alley soon. What was happening, Basil did not know, but says he heard the doctor said, «You killed him». After the testimony of the taxi driver to go home, and he left the wrecked car, walked on foot.

As reported, the death of a resident of curve Lake caused a revolt of the inhabitants of the district, which tried to prevent the export of 6 in Nikolaev police officers who went to the address of Zuckerman. As a result, the composition of the police station in crooked Lake was disbanded and will be dialed again, also because of the incident was replaced by the chief of police in the Nikolaev area.

The witnesses of the murder in Krivoe Ozero told the media their version of events 27.08.2016

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