The witness on the case of Nemtsov told about the threats: «it Was said, so I disappeared from Moscow»

Maid Zarina Isaeva, passing a witness in the murder of one of leaders of the Russian opposition Boris Nemtsov, said in may and June of this year she received threats not to testify in court, reports the «Caucasian knot».

«There were threats in the beginning of June 2016, in may 2016. I don’t know who the focus was Caucasian. Was told that I disappeared from Moscow. I appealed to the Investigation Committee in August, and it provided me protection,» said 23 November 2016 at the hearing Isaeva.

According to her, because of the threats she confessed early in the investigation that identified the accused Anzor Gubashev and Beslan Shavanov (which, according to the indictment, tracking Nemtsov murder).

Isaeva also said that he would find men on the video made about an hour before the assassination policy of the outlet from the Gum. At the same time there were the Germans with a companion.

In addition, Isaeva announced that in February 2015, even before the murder Nemtsov Ruslan Eremeev personally threatened her, demanding that she «kept her mouth shut».

The defendants are five of Kadyrov’s security forces, which the consequence considers as executors of the murder, the aforementioned Dada, brothers Gubareva, Temirlan Eskerkhanov and Khamzat. The question of their guilt is considered by the jury. The organizer of the crime investigation called Ruslan Muhudinov — old driver of one of the accused, and customers — some «unidentified persons».

His guilt they do not recognize and also claim that they provided false confessions («dictated people in masks») and obtained through threats, blackmail and torture.


Nemtsov was shot dead on the night of February 27, 2015 while walking on red square in Moscow. He then worked on a study of Russian armed incursion into the sovereign territory of Ukraine, including with participation «Kadyrovites». In particular, in 2014, came the creation of documentary evidence on the occupied territory of Donbass separate Chechen battalion «Death», which was formed from veterans of the Pro-Russian power structures of Chechnya. The members of this battalion participated in the battles of Ilovaisk and the Donetsk airport.

July 25, a court in Moscow began to listen to his murder case, accused on which pass the five natives of Chechnya and Ingushetia. The murder Nemtsov agreed to consider with participation of jurymen.

In addition to the above mentioned persons in case are also officers of the Chechen Ruslan Eremeev and killed during the arrest of Chavannes. Investigators believe a former soldier of the battalion «North» interior Ministry of Chechnya Muhudinov «customer» and one of the «organizers» of the murder. He declared in the international wanted list, criminal case concerning it is allocated in separate manufacture.

According to obnarodovano opponents of the Kremlin’s expert report, the murder Nemtsov directly involved in de facto for many years chief of personal security , Vladimir Putin, and now the commander of the troops of the National guard of the Russian Federation, army General Viktor Zolotov (as well as Putin since the ‘ 70s heads had worked in the Leningrad KGB; one of the leading representatives of the ruling Russian clan «from St. Petersburg») and the puppet leader of Chechnya , Ramzan Kadyrov. Similar statements were also made by «Novaya Gazeta,» political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky.

The witness on the case of Nemtsov told about the threats: «it Was said, so I disappeared from Moscow» 25.11.2016

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