The wife of journalist Veremiya: Emerged, Krysin was allegedly given the customers business, so it went a relief

The person involved in business on murder of journalist Vyacheslav Veremiya Yuriy Krysin allegedly «handed over customers ‘business», and therefore get a lenient sentence, said in an interview, «people’s truth» the wife of the journalist Svetlana Kirilas.

On 22 December, by decision of Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev Krysin received a suspended sentence.

Answering the question, did she personally with the Rat or his defenders, Kirilos said, «No. Outside the courtroom, we did not communicate. Nobody threatened me, I think, for them, I’m not important».

«I am the first months after the death of her husband was in the fog, I don’t remember what it was. So went the proceedings. Then surfaced that allegedly passed Krysin customers business, so it went such a relief and such a sentence. Several times, we filed for recusal, the judge has not withdrawn», – told the wife Veremiya.

To the question, what are her expectations in the future, Kirilos said, «it’s Hard to say.»

«Three years the case was heard behind closed doors, the press is not very interested. And then came the finale and there was an explosion,» she added.

The journalist of the newspaper «Vesti» Veremey was killed during the revolution of dignity – in the night of February 19, 2014 in the center of Kiev. The journalist was returning home from work in a taxi. The car was stopped by aunts, pulled passengers and started beating them with metal rods.

Veremiya was beaten by three men, one of them, according to investigators, Yuriy Krysin. When the reporter broke free and tried to escape, he was shot (the consequence considers that it was made by a resident of Gorlovka Jalal Aliyev, he wanted). The journalist died in hospital from blood loss and his injuries.

In relation to the Rat first opened criminal proceedings under article 115 of the Criminal code (premeditated murder), but later business retrained under article 296 (hooliganism).

According to the investigation, in the criminal world, the Rat is the nickname of the Cabinet, he has more than 10 years of living in Kiev and coordinates aunts. Krysin appears in other criminal proceedings, including an armed assault on one of the capital’s gas stations in may 2016. As a preventive measure in the murder case Veremiya Krysino chose the personal obligation, and the episode about the attack on the gas station – house arrest.

In August 2017 the Prosecutor Alexey Donskoy, who led the case Rat, said, «the Censor.NO» that he had previously brought to criminal responsibility. «He was convicted in 2010. But the story there is very complicated. He was initially prosecuted for murder. Then the article «premeditated murder» was changed to «negligent homicide», and he received a suspended sentence,» – said Donskoy.

December 25 at independence square in Kiev was held a rally to demand a fair sentence for Rat.

The wife of journalist Veremiya: Emerged, Krysin was allegedly given the customers business, so it went a relief 26.12.2017

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