The weakest link in the national selection for «Eurovision» is a jury – producer Bebeshko

The representative of Ukraine at the song contest «Eurovision 2018» Melovin risks to get lost among the other contestants and not be remembered by the audience, said in comments to the edition «GORDON» producer Vladimir Bebeshko.

«Melovin of all the challengers was the most organic and made with confidence. Although its song is an ordinary European standard, nothing new there. Those songs for «Eurovision» will be many, and the representative of Ukraine risks to get lost among them. Hardly a glass eye Melovin’and there is produced a sensation. Tayanna was good, she sang it great. But she was uncomfortable in the clothes she was offered, and in the dancing she was unconvincing. Looked Kadnay group: fresh, energetic, powerful, tremendous show. However, their music at Eurovision could not understand. Although this song could go,» – said Bebeshko.

In his opinion, after a poor performance at the «Eurovision 2017» of the group O. Torvald, who took 24th place out of 26, all three judges of the national selection – Konstantin Meladze, Jamal and Andrei Danilko – had to give up his position in the jury this year.

«The level of competitors is different every year. Mostly Amateur performers and their skills were poor. It is a strong level of the student. Professionals such as Jamal, we have now very little. Another thing is that the weakest link in the national selection for «Eurovision» is a jury. They are unable to give a professional evaluation and comments, and put something inappropriate with swearing and kisses participants. After the failure of O. Torvald Konstantin Meladze frankly admitted that it was a mistake of the judges, and left the nation selection. Others had to do the same. If to speak about the incident live, he went Tayanna only harm. Such a cheap PR it is not necessary», – said the producer.

According to him, the only professionally judged contestants became composer Eugene Filatov.

«Only one of the jury members gave a professional assessment of what is happening is Eugene Filatov. Jamal is about to give birth – you can understand and forgive. But Danilko just not versed in music. And how is it possible that the judge sits and matyukatsya? No one would be the sound recording was not enabled, it is controlled by special people. There was no need to organize this circus. The only thing I do not understand – why it was generally necessary: to lower Tayanna or, conversely, to raise? A joke can lead. It is for this purpose there is the need. And judges do not need to compete with him,» said Bebeshko.

Ukraine at «Eurovision 2018» will present Melovin. He received five points from judges and six from the audience.

The final selection for «Eurovision 2018» Danilko live had a fight with the administrator Tayanna. Later, the singer apologized for the incident.

«Eurovision 2018» to be held in the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, 8th, 10th and 12th may. Ukraine fell in the second semifinal.

The weakest link in the national selection for «Eurovision» is a jury – producer Bebeshko 26.02.2018

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