The Washington Times. Russia is gradually swallows Ukraine

«In recent days Russia has resumed a deadly attack in line with their actual war with Ukraine, — writes in The Washington Times Russian opposition leader Ilya Yashin. — Perhaps this is the initial test of the President trump the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Perhaps Putin believes that the new nationalist administration is little interest in foreign conflicts. In any case it is clear: Ukraine is just the first step of Putin to restore the Soviet Union».

«The collapse of the Soviet Union was a painful and humiliating for the Russian society. By the end of the 1990s, nostalgia for the lost Empire was growing, and skilled politicians, like Putin, used the emotion to increase the Kremlin’s influence in the region», — the politician believes.

«The conflict in Eastern Ukraine constitutes Russia’s military actions against it — indicates Yashin. After the election of a new Ukrainian President and the new Parliament, Putin’s Russia turned to non-military means of destabilizing Ukraine. The Kremlin’s campaign included propaganda, political provocations and bribery of the leaders of Ukrainian public opinion».

«The most effective weapon of the Kremlin began a propaganda TV channels that broadcasts to Ukraine from the satellite. The democratically elected Ukrainian leaders on these channels called «Kiev junta» that came to power «illegally». Heralds of the Kremlin comparing US policy in Ukraine with the policy of Nazi Germany» — said Yashin.

In addition, the Kremlin supports radical political groups operating on the territory of Ukraine, the article says.

«Before my friend was killed two steps away from the Kremlin, he said: «I don’t think friendship with Russia is a bad thing. But I don’t like this «friendship» imposed with the help of bribes and bloodshed.» Unfortunately — Yashin writes, — friendship with Putin’s Russia without bribes or bloodshed impossible. If the United States and the rest of the world does not take action to counter Russian expansionism in Ukraine, soon the same fate awaits the Balkans, the Baltics and the Caucasus».

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The Washington Times. Russia is gradually swallows Ukraine 09.02.2017

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