The Washington Times: anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine – on the verge of collapse

The image of the National anti-corruption Bureau and National Agency for prevention of corruption was greatly tarnished, and, perhaps, it was a disaster, writes the analyst, columnist Todd wood in material for the U.S. edition of the Washington Times under the heading «Past promises of the Ukrainian war against corruption is now eliminated». This is despite the well-funded, high salaries for employees and the support of the West, the author notes.

Wood stated that two years ago at a meeting with the head of NABOO Artem Sytnik and his colleagues he felt the staff of the newly established anti-corruption bodies», a fascinating but naive energy.» But over time, they were victims of the old Soviet methods, and all anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine are on the verge of collapse, says the analyst.

No senior official was convicted on corruption charges, NABOO «just pushed into the background» of the case by high-level corruption, said wood. He is confident that the corrupt officials just want to curb the work of the organization and, it seems, they succeed.

A great example of this the author calls «the situation with the group «Privat» oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.» After the nationalization Sytnik stated losses of $600 million, a significant sum for the budget, for this reason documents were seized, but no other action the NAB has not taken, the analyst emphasizes and adds: «Mr. Sytnik not talked about the case for more than two months. There are rumors of a lucrative secret deal between Mr Rush and Mr Kolomoisky not to proceed with the case».

Another example he considers the case «Zaporizhiaoblenergo», where losses from corruption are estimated at $12.8 million wood refers to the words of the MP from the Bloc Poroshenko Sergei Leshchenko, who argues that the appointments in the company led by Igor Kononenko, Deputy Chairman of the BPP.

«Again, Mr. Sytnyk and his office did not recall this situation for six months, blocking the investigation of one of his first major work. And again there are rumors that pay big bribes to stop an investigation of NABOO,» said the columnist.

He mentions the conflict between the NABOO and NACP after the start of testing rush, as well as the record on which the head of NABOO revealed to reporters the circumstances and details of pre-trial investigation in a number of resonant criminal proceedings. Wood believes that the appeals to dismiss the disturbance began to listen to the Ukrainian public and Western embassies in Kiev.

«The West can strongly insist that to replace the leadership of NABOO more objective figures in order to preserve the future health or even the existence of the Bureau,» says the journalist, adding that the fate of future assistance from international agencies Ukraine depends on the ability of the country to overcome the legacy of Soviet corruption.

The Washington Times: anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine – on the verge of collapse 01.12.2017

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