The Washington Post. Us officials warn Russian intrigues in the election and not only

«American intelligence agencies do not believe that Russia will be able to use cyber espionage to change the outcome of the presidential election on Tuesday. However, they warn that Moscow may continue their intervention after the poll closes to sow doubt about the legitimacy of the results, said American officials,» writes The Washington Post.

«Employees of security services of the USA did not rule out organized by Russia’s failure on election day. In recent weeks, employees of the Ministry of national security has gathered evidence of the apparent Russian»,» scan public databases and computer systems of voting», — says the publication. «It is unclear whether they actively tried to get inside,» said a us official.

«However, the decentralized nature of voting in the United States can make it extremely difficult to undermine national elections,» noted the authors. On the contrary, according to American officials, it is more likely that Russia could use the hacking software to get or fabricate the signs of election fraud in order to discredit the outcome of elections.

A member of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives, Congressman Adam Schiff and others claim that they remain concerned about the possibility of stuffing Moscow fabricated the documents on the weekend, which will give the appearance of exposing violations of the law campaign headquarters, Clinton , or trump’s revelations, the purpose of which is to sow confusion among voters and would be difficult to refute before the citizens vote.

«The concern about vulnerability in the last stages of the campaign affected the reluctance of the Obama administration to take retaliatory measures against Russia», — stated in the article.

«American officials said that the options include the extradition of a larger number of suspects that they are employees of the Russian special services of the USA, the introduction of new economic sanctions against Russian organizations linked to alleged hacking, and possibly the organization of cyber attacks on the computer system,» the authors write.

«The administration’s decision may depend on what the Russians will do in the coming days,» the article says.

Clinton said that Russia wants to ensure that she had lost, the newspaper writes. The authors recall the «personal enmity», which is likely to have President Vladimir Putin, believing that it provoked mass protests in Moscow after the parliamentary elections of 2011.

«Even if you no longer will be associated with the elections Subversion and Clinton will win, some U.S. officials believe that Russia has already achieved many of its goals», — writes the edition.

«They weakened Clinton, drain the information of the head of its election headquarters and the other,» says Schiff. Leak made public the fight between Clinton and her former rival in the Democratic party, Senator Bernie Sanders, led to the resignation of the head of the National Committee of the Democratic party, and — perhaps most importantly — represent Russia and its ability to harm as a factor that threatens the election campaign of 2016, noted the authors.

«They enjoy the fact that they became the subject of discussion on the American elections, said Schiff. — It increases their prestige in the sense that they are considered a party game. It is also their way of reckoning, and I think they enjoy it».


The Washington Post. Us officials warn Russian intrigues in the election and not only 04.11.2016

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