The Washington Post. Ukrainians are worried that they — the main loser in US elections

Chief editor of the Ukrainian weekly journal «New time» Vitaly Sych has prepared an essay about only one candidate, Hillary Clinton, for release at the time of publication of results of elections in the United States. According to him, these elections «Ukrainians are watched more closely than ever,» writes The Washington Post.

«Then came the explosion of «bombs», the echo of which was given from the Potomac to the Dnieper,» — writes the author Andrew Roth.

«America is playing the fool,» was the caption on a portrait of Donald trump the next day.

«The main emotion here feel, is anxiety and concern because he [trump] actually said all these things so he must believe in some of them,» said the Owl.

Among these «things»: he will make friends with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who «is not going to invade Ukraine» and «the people of Crimea, from what I hear, would prefer to be with Russia.» «How about lifting the sanctions against Russia? We will think about it», — reminds the edition statements trump.

«The biggest loser in the elections was Ukraine», — wrote in his Twitter, former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul.

«Privately, some Ukrainian politicians agree with this», — said the author. One legislator said that the problem is «in the primitive fear of losing support in the face of Russian aggression».

«There are two initial conditions that explain why not all may be lost. The first is that an elected President was exaggerating, making impromptu statements during the campaign that does not reflect its actual foreign policy,» Roth says.

«And second — «long bench» of Republicans-hawks will push trump’s foreign policy from Russia towards Ukraine,» — he writes. Ukrainian politicians is the question of who will take places in new administration, in particular, who will replace Vice President Biden and assistant Secretary of state for European and Eurasian relationships Victoria Nuland.

«Ukrainian officials like perechisleniya the names of the candidates for the post of Secretary of state», — stated in the article. Senator Bob Corker known here demands that the United States has provided Ukraine with weapons. «John Bolton, a former diplomat and a leading hawk, a Republican, makes with respect to raise an eyebrow. Former new York mayor Rudolph Giuliani also perceived positively,» the newspaper writes.

«Local favorite before it was announced on Thursday, will not take any position in the office of the tramp — was newt Gingrich, «notes the author. He recalled the statements of Gingrich at the conference «Yalta European strategy» that the policy of trump, if he is elected, may differ from pre-election statements.

«Ukrainian officials claim that now their priority is the extension of us sanctions against Russia, and guarantee the next tranche of the us financial assistance to Ukraine, providing non-lethal military assistance, strengthening the military partnership between the two countries and finding a way to make a symbolic statement about the Union between the two countries», — stated in the article.

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The Washington Post. Ukrainians are worried that they — the main loser in US elections 18.11.2016

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