The Washington Post. The United States should urge Russia to account for aggression

«The main concern of any presidential administration — to protect the national security interests of the United States, and now for this important case, as never before, essentially to deal with a stronger Russia, argues in The Washington Post, us Senator, Democrat Ben Cardin, a member of the Senate Committee on foreign relations. — So I need trump to take seriously the views of our intelligence and security professionals about the actions of Russia».

«I beg the administration of the trump to see in Russia what it is — a global bully and enemy, continues Cardin. — I encourage future leaders in national security to know who our real friends and allies, and to take into account: the allies expect that we will lead the fight against Moscow’s aggression.»

«Consolidation of control over domestic Russian politics in the Putin system, and recalls the darkest days of Russia. A good indication of how the government will act on the international level, the way in which it treats its own people. And Russia is deceiving expectations. Take the recent elections to the state Duma, restricting space for the opposition parties, continued detention of civil society activists,» reads the article.

Russia continues destabilizing activity abroad: attack of the Ukrainian army occupied the Crimea. Putin’s statement on withdrawal of ICC speaks for itself. The bombing of Syria’s Aleppo — «a blatant crime against humanity.» Court of justice on human rights did the right thing by excluding Russia from its membership, says the author.

«In the elections of 2016, as we all know, the claws of the Kremlin reached our shores — continues Cardin. — Russia’s attempt to intervene in such an important event as the democratic election of the American President, is something out of the ordinary».

Therefore, the United States should immediately and comprehensively to respond to the Russian aggression, to show Moscow that domestic tyranny and militancy on the international scene is fraught with consequences says the Senator. In his opinion, should be considered advanced industry and targeted sanctions. In particular, to extend restrictions on the Russian energy sector and prohibit the United States to participate in the purchase of Russian bonds.

«Secondly, we need to stand up for his friends,» writes Cardin. Central and Eastern Europe was at the forefront of Russian intervention. According to the Senator, in addition to created by the administration Obama’s Initiative to ensure the security of Europe should establish a European democratic initiative for the strengthening of democratic institutions that are vulnerable to Russian pressure.

«Third, we must support human rights defenders under attack in Russia and dealing with the increasing repression by the state,» the article says. The author recalls the letter Ildar Dading about experiences of torture and compares it to the works of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The Senator believes that to prevent human rights violations should be the full implementation of the «Magnitsky Act».

«My political position towards Russia probably does not match the current vision of the newly elected President of the trump. But I believe that these core values — the objection to violations of international law, war crimes and violations of human rights and protection of democracy, accountability and freedom of speech — should be the basis of the American foreign policy agenda. This view is taken, many members of the Senate on both sides of the aisle separating them, says Cardin. I hope that the newly elected President and his team will work with us in areas where we can find a common language, but I will strongly to ensure that it is not compromised by whether the above-mentioned values.»

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The Washington Post. The United States should urge Russia to account for aggression 18.11.2016

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